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Working in China as an English Lecturer

Anna Fancett, Lecturer of English Literature, Language and Culture at Xi'an Jiaotong University, shares her experience of working in one of China's top universities.

The talent programme in China

The Chinese education ministry has, over the last 15 years, invested a huge amount of money in the university system, and has developed a range of programmes encouraging professional and personal development among academics.

My first year teaching in China

Foreign academics coming to China will face a series of challenges but also many opportunities in their first year - they may offer a perspective or expertise that may not, yet, be developed in Chinese universities.

Why the west is queuing up to work with China

While Asian countries have generally out-performed their western counterparts at high school level for some time, the Asian university system has struggled to maintain the same level of international prominence as its American and...

Studying for a PhD in Denmark

Mitzi Waltz consider the benefits of doing your PhD in Denmark - a country renowned for its renowned higher education system and science-based industries.

Things To Consider When Starting An Academic Career In China 

Congratulations! You have secured an academic position and landed in China. Here are a few practical tips in getting ready to start.

Tutor and Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington and University of Auckland

I finished a part-time job at the University of Auckland in November last year. I also spent three years teaching a variety of courses as a contract lecturer at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and two semesters at Unitec. I was...

Lecturer Of Law at China University of Political Science and Law

Dr. Greg Tzu Jan Yang has a strong background in law. His major area or interest is in Corporate Governance, and he is also specialized in Anglo – American Torts, Contract Law and International Transactions. He is also qualified as...

Independent Scholar Based in Christchurch New Zealand

Jean Rath is an independent scholar based in Christchurch New Zealand and an honorary research associate of the University of Oxford’s Learning Institute. Her main research interest is academic practice (teaching, research and service)...

Social Media in China

The internet forever changed the way that students and teachers could interact. Today, groups can keep in touch via Facebook and Whatsapp, conferences can be live-tweeted to an entire campus and a host of university tools make access to...

Visiting Scholar, Fada Institute of Forensic Medicine and Science

Natalia Pawlowska is currently a researcher at the Fada Institute of Forensic Medicine and Science, which is a part of the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) located in Beijing, China.

PhD Student, Academic Tutor and Research Assistant at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

My decision to work in New Zealand was largely based on luck and circumstance. Upon completion of my Masters, I decided that I would like to apply for a PhD. My research focus was on the international relations of Southeast Asia, and I...

Conducting Research in China

In general, research opportunities at China’s top universities are very good, especially at the top research intensive universities. This is because government funding has been abundant, investment in the higher education system has been...

Microbiologist Working in Science Management, Wellington, New Zealand

Fiona Thomson-Carter is a Scottish microbiologist. After post-doctoral research in medical microbiology, she was the clinical scientist at the Scottish Reference Laboratory for Campylobacter and E. coli from 1992-2001. During the 1990s...

Tips For Attending Academic Events And Conferences In China

Academic events and conferences in China are an interesting challenge for both young and experienced scholars and provide an international window on the world. Chinese universities and institutions spare no effort in the organisation of...

Dealing With Internet Censorship In China

The perspective of having to deal with internet censorship can be a daunting one when preparing to move to China. This is particularly true for academics, who might worry about losing resources both for research and class preparation....

Managing The Chinese Education System

In any education system, academics are answerable to the government. Audits, form-filling and declaring their research agendas form a routine part in the life of an academic who is required to complete these administrative tasks. It is...

China Provides The Career Gateway To The World’s Academia

When I arrived in China to begin my academic career in 2010, I really didn’t know what to expect. As a historian I was aware that the nation had, for much of the twentieth century, been largely closed to the west.

Available Resources For Researchers in China

Conducting research in China is a relatively easy task for academics today. Scholars seeking to further investigate their research field in the country have a number of options to get started:

Chinese Universities - Positions, Salary And Benefits

In recent years Chinese people have attached greater importance to the term“laoshi”(teacher), and expanded it far beyond its traditional meaning. It is even now used to respectfully address people possessing strong knowledge or...

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