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Applying for an Academic Job in the US: Differences and Similarities

Following the previous article about working in the US, this article advises you on some of the advantages and challenges of the American academic system and offers some guidance for those outside the US who want to move there for work,...

7 Top Tips for Job Hunting in the U.S.

For many international students, the United States is considered to be the land of job opportunities. Nevertheless, many international students worry that it will be more difficult for them to find employment than it is for their...

Relocating for Work

Relocating for work is a daunting process, no matter if it is going abroad or within the same country. This article will help to make your relocation a success.

Guide to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

TEFL, CELTA, TESOL, DELTA. all of these acronyms relate to one thing: teaching English as a foreign language. The range of courses on offer can be quite confusing. Ben Davies guides you through the courses on offer.

The Emigration Option

Article by Roger Jones offering advice for those who seek employment abroad.

Top Tips for Academic Americans Wanting to Work in Europe

There are many opportunities for American academics to make the move across the pond and work in the UK. Where can you find these vacancies? And what tips are there for making a successful move? This article is designed to help you...

Working as an English Teacher Overseas

Article by Ben Davies, about why you should teach, the qualifications you will need and how to become an English Teacher abroad.

Advice for overseas jobseekers

This whitepaper contains:-why you might want to work in the UK-how to search for a job on I eligible to apply for a certain job-how can I find out about work permits/immigration advice

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