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Dealing With Internet Censorship In China

The perspective of having to deal with internet censorship can be a daunting one when preparing to move to China. This is particularly true for academics, who might worry about losing resources both for research and class preparation....

Managing The Chinese Education System

In any education system, academics are answerable to the government. Audits, form-filling and declaring their research agendas form a routine part in the life of an academic who is required to complete these administrative tasks. It is...

China Provides The Career Gateway To The World’s Academia

When I arrived in China to begin my academic career in 2010, I really didn’t know what to expect. As a historian I was aware that the nation had, for much of the twentieth century, been largely closed to the west.

Available Resources For Researchers in China

Conducting research in China is a relatively easy task for academics today. Scholars seeking to further investigate their research field in the country have a number of options to get started:

Chinese Universities - Positions, Salary And Benefits

In recent years Chinese people have attached greater importance to the term“laoshi”(teacher), and expanded it far beyond its traditional meaning. It is even now used to respectfully address people possessing strong knowledge or...

Do I Need To Speak Chinese To Teach In China?

One of the most common questions that returning teachers from China get asked is whether a mastery of the language is necessary to get by while living in the country. Think of it this way: can you imagine going to a pharmacy and not...

Programme Leader for International Students

Shaun Tiddy has previously worked as a teacher trainer for the British Council in Wuhan, Hubei province. Originally from the UK his varied career as a teacher, teacher trainer and manager for the past twenty years has enabled him to work...

Universities in the Same City

As location is not an easy factor to be neglected in pursuing higher education, colleges and universities in the same city tend to be taken as of equal status by a great many people making hasty decisions. Some reasons are easy to perceive.

Making The Most Of Your Time Off In China

Glacial mountain ranges, arid deserts, tropical forests or blooming metropolises – no matter how stressful or challenging the lifestyle in China can become there is normally a remedy close at hand for those willing to seek it.

How To Encourage Cultural Exchanges With China

It’s easy to get lost in the world of be-suited masters practising Tai Chi in the local park, or the souvenir calligraphy that so many people return home with each year from China, but the opportunity to bring your own cultural treasures...

Top Tips for Relocating to China

Relocation to China, especially to somewhere that is not a large, diverse metropolitan area, implies a major overhaul in terms of lifestyle, habits and mental frameworks. It is best to see it as an opportunity for professional and...

Top Tips for Starting a New Teaching Job in China

Starting academic work in China entails becoming aware that you will enter a completely new environment, no matter how experienced a teacher and scholar you might be.

Choosing Venues of Conference Events in China

The world is getting smaller, as the saying goes. It is also getter larger, when one moves one’s eyes across the globe and realises that vast countries like China are capable of holding more and more world-class events.

Visiting Scholar at College of Plant Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, China

Nowadays, China is one of the major players in world's economy. Its extraordinary growth - in both the science and economy sectors - attracted my attention to explore opportunities within this nation.

Top 10 Tips For Adapting To The Culture In China

A handy top tips guide for anyone preparing to relocate to China.

Is A Research Job In China For Me?

China can be at first challenging for the non-native. It is not only that one might be moving to an unfamiliar environment, with a new language, new food and a new job, but perhaps more so that there is a unique approach to doing...

National Natural Science Fund Grants - Processes and Applications

In mainland China, most personal research support for discrete projects is provided through the National Natural Science Fund in the form of NSFC Basic Research Grants. The NSFC grants are aimed at promoting and financing basic and...

A Beginners Guide to Key Terms in Chinese Higher Education

If you are seeking academic or research opportunities in China, we've gathered a glossary of key programmes and funding bodies to help guide you through the Higher Education structure.

A Guide to Research Grants in China

According to the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, by 2013 the total research funding in China had snowballed into 179 billion dollars. The government will continue to sink...

9 Tips For Engaging Students In China.

Chinese students tend to be very reserved, but they respond well to positive reinforcement and become more proactive once they feel they are in a safe environment where they won’t be judged or criticized.

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