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International Teaching - Preparing to Move

This article looks at the practical experience of moving abroad as a university teacher and asks what should you expect and how you can prepare for the move.

International Teaching - Why Look for Work Overseas?

This article explores the issues surrounding working in an academic teaching career in a foreign country. It talks about why you might consider international teaching and offers some tips on how to secure a job abroad.

Working in the UAE and Qatar

The academic job market may be slowing down in Europe and North America, but some of the countries where academic skills and qualifications may get you a satisfying job are the Gulf States of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

How Working Overseas Can Benefit Your Career

Experience gained working in a university overseas is really worthwhile. Your promotion prospects back in the UK will usually be improved. You will also gain so much from the broader perspective that working overseas provides. Our...

7 Tips for Academics Returning to the UK after Working Overseas

Whether you have been away for many years or for a shorter time there will be an inevitable period of adjustment when you return to the UK. We have spoken to several Academics who have shared their top tips with us...

New Zealand Immigration – Information on Working Visas

If you apply and are granted a position with a New Zealand University it will be offered on the provision that you are able to obtain a New Zealand Visa. However, the university will be able to provide assistance and guidance to newly...

Working in New Zealand – Education Sector and Research Funding

If you are thinking of moving to New Zealand to work in a University in an academic or research role, this article tells you what you need to know about New Zealand’s tertiary education system and research funding.

Questions to Ask before Accepting an Academic Post Abroad

Moving abroad for a job is a big decision, but one that can benefit your career. We have complied a list of things to ask yourself before you take the plunge.

A Guide to Emigrating to New Zealand

If you are considering working in New Zealand or have been offered a post there, this article will help you with many of the things you need to consider to help the move go smoothly. This article is aimed at those who are currently UK...

UK Immigration: Working Visas

If you are interested in working in the UK, there are a number of UK visa options to choose from.

International Academics

How far do you want your career to take you? Most of us are content to work close to where we were born, or completed our first degree. Some of us will go to the other side of the globe in search of their dream job. How can you make it...

The Great White North: An introduction to living and working in Canada

Contrary to popular belief, doing business and visiting Canada is very different to doing so in the United States. Furthermore the customs and routines found from city to city in Canada can differ greatly. For example, the...

Supply and Demand for English Teachers Worldwide

The number of people taking up English teaching as a foreign language in recent years has risen dramatically. This could be due to the worsening job market in the UK, US and other English speaking countries, or perhaps it reflects a...

Working overseas - things to consider

Frustrated by a gloomy job market in the UK, Graham Priest moved to the University of Western Australia in Perth, shortly after completing his PhD programme. "I went because I couldn't get a permanent job," he says. "There was no...

Staffing Crisis: the U.S.

This is the second in a series of articles about the affect that the global economic crisis has on your prospects as an academic jobseeker. In this article the situation in the US will be explored. We will be asking how the crisis will...

Why is working abroad so popular?

Working abroad is already a popular choice for many people. Why is working abroad so popular? It presents many significant advantages, especially if you are working in a niche academic subject and are struggling to find work in your home...

Applying for an Academic Job in the US: Differences and Similarities

Following the previous article about working in the US, this article advises you on some of the advantages and challenges of the American academic system and offers some guidance for those outside the US who want to move there for work,...

7 Top Tips for Job Hunting in the U.S.

For many international students, the United States is considered to be the land of job opportunities. Nevertheless, many international students worry that it will be more difficult for them to find employment than it is for their...

Relocating for Work

Relocating for work is a daunting process, no matter if it is going abroad or within the same country. This article will help to make your relocation a success.

Guide to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

TEFL, CELTA, TESOL, DELTA. all of these acronyms relate to one thing: teaching English as a foreign language. The range of courses on offer can be quite confusing. Ben Davies guides you through the courses on offer.

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