Living in Germany

Called Europe's 'land of opportunity' Germany prides itself on having modern values and rich heritage, making the decision to relocate to this beautiful country appealing. If you are considering Germany as a place to live you may be seeking information on how you can immerse yourself into an innovative, multicultural and clean living society. Find out more in our articles below.

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An Overview of Living in Germany

It goes without saying that being at the heart of European industry and politics, Germany offers expats a high standard of living. Read this article to find out the most popular cities and what they have to offer.

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Working Conditions in Germany

Despite the German reputation for efficiency and hard work, the average hours per worker per week are in fact lower than in many countries. Find out about the working conditions in Germany and relevant information regarding working hours, tax, pensions and benefits.

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Work Etiquette in Germany

The German workplace is hierarchical, with job roles compartmentalised, rules and procedures imperative and decision-making typically top-down. Read this article to learn more on the do's and don'ts of German etiquette.

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Finding Accommodation in Germany

Although the major metropolitan areas in Germany are more expensive than smaller towns and rural areas, compared to other major European destinations German cities are fairly cheap to live in. Discover what's involved with finding accommodation in Germany, the requirements for rental deposits and how utilities are normally charged.

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Living Costs & Expenses in Germany

The costs of living in Germany can be quite reasonable, especially when compared with some other European cities such as London. The economical student can expect to spend around €800 per month, depending on the city and personal spending habits.

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Transport Options in Germany

Discover the various transport options in Germany, including driving licence restrictions, public transport, air travel and other ways of getting around.

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Visas & Eligibility to Work in Germany

Freedom of movement within the European Union means that the majority of EU citizens are permitted to enter Germany without additional documentation, but people from many non-member states will require an entry visa.

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Moving to Germany with Children

Read this article to learn more about what's involved when moving to Germany with children. Content includes the schooling structure, preschool, primary and secondary education and more.

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Support for Parents in Germany

Most German universities have family advisory services which support both German and international students and academics with families. Such departments can help with relocation, accommodation and arranging kindergarten and school places.