Support for Parents in Germany

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An Overview of Living in Germany

Most German universities have family advisory services which support both German and international students and academics with families. Such departments can help with relocation, accommodation and arranging kindergarten and school places. Additionally, many German universities, research organisations and companies have their own in-house childcare facilities.

The Deutsches Studentenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs) is a network of 58 student services offering support for students and academics with children. The organisation operates a number of nurseries and kindergartens within various universities which offer weekend and after school hours, as well as short-term places.

Financial support

Some PhD and postdoc grants and fellowships offer supplements to cover childcare, relocation and housing. While living in Germany expats can also apply for state benefits towards the cost of childcare including:

Child Benefit (Kindergeld): EU nationals who are living and working in Germany are entitled to child benefit until their child is 18. The amount you will receive is €190 per child per month for the first two children, €196 per month for the third child and €221 per month for every subsequent child. Those from outside the EU can apply for child benefit only if they hold a permanent residence permit. You must apply for child benefit from the family benefits office at your local employment agency in Germany. Find more information about child benefit.

Parental Allowence (Elterngeld): A replacement of up to 67% of your income after you have a baby, for a duration of 12 to 14 months. These months must be split between parents, who can decide how many months the father and mother each take. Those eligible for Elterngeld are:

  • Employed and self-employed parents
  • Unemployed parents
  • Students and apprentices
  • Parents of adoptive children

To apply for Elterngeld you must have a residence permit that allows you to work in Germany.