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Germany's inclination for internationalisation means that over 4,000 international students complete their PhD in Germany each year. German Universities, research institutions and industry offer a wide range of individual and structured PhD programmes for you to consider and with a multiplicity of funding available. Will you be part of the next generation of innovators who opted for Germany?

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Applying for a PhD in Germany

Germany enjoys a global reputation for excellence in research, making it one of the most attractive destinations for international PhD candidates. Take a look at our article which includes details on PhD entrance requirements and what makes a good PhD proposal.

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The PhD Application Process in Germany

German universities and non-university research institutes generally have their own admissions criteria to which you should tailor your application. However, there are some general features about the PhD application process to be aware of.

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PhD Application Tips

If you are considering doing a PhD in Germany, read our top five tips to increase your chances of application success.

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PhD in Germany: Fees & Funding

Find out all you need to know about how funding works in Germany for PhD students and what types of funding is available.

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Case study: Doctoral Student in Munich

We spoke to Yu-Chun, a Doctoral student in Theoretical Astrophysics living in Munich. Read about his experiences and top tips.

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PhD Options: Doing a PhD in Germany - Google+ Hangout on Air Summary

We hosted a live Google+ Hangout on Air with four inspirational panellists with one simple objective: to help you consider opportunities open to you and specifically options for doing a PhD in Germany.

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Case Study: PhD Student in Molecular Neuroscience at Muenster University

We spoke to Shweta, a PhD student in Molecular Neuroscience at the University of Muenster, Germany. Read about her experiences and top tips.

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Studying for a PhD in Germany: The Basics

As home to a strong economy and some of the world’s oldest universities, Germany has long been a draw for ambitious postgraduate students. This is especially true for those seeking a PhD in scientific or medical fields.