Case study: Doctoral Student in Munich

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PhD Application Tips

Yu-Chun is a Taiwanese doctoral student, currently living in Munich.

1.    Yu-Chun, thank you for talking to us. Can you tell us a little about your current research position/job?

I am doing a PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics

2.    How did you come to be studying in Germany?

An exchange scholarship, which opened the opportunity to carry on with my undergraduate studies in Germany and thus lead to a graduate position.

3.    How easy was it to find a PhD position in Germany?

The research group where I did my diploma/master has an indirect collaboration with the group I am doing my PhD with.

4.    What was the application process like?

CV submission, recommendations from my diploma/master supervisors, interview and presentation at the department.

5.    How accessible is funding for PhD studies or other academic positions in Germany?

The university funding normally comes with teaching duties. There are also different scholarships, both from Germany or from native countries.

6.    What is the best thing about studying in Germany?

Learning the culture and knowing different people.

7.    Did you find language a barrier to your activities in Germany?

I work and discuss with my colleagues in German. Daily conversation in German is not a problem for me either. Some Germans speak with strong and fast-paced dialects, this is more of a problem to me. I know people and colleagues who can survive in Germany without knowing much of the language, but it makes them more difficult to merge into the society and are thus more isolated. Also, they need help when it comes to dealing with formal issues and bureaucracy.

8.    What tips would you give PhD students who wish to continue their studies or work in Germany?

One should learn the language as much as they can if they are living here, it will definitely make life much easier, and avoid becoming isolated.