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Ever wondered what it’s like to do a PhD?
We think the best way to find out what it’s really like is for PhD students to show you themselves. Our PhD vloggers share their tips and insights into what it’s like to do a PhD in a series of short videos. Our vlogs cover everything from starting a PhD, moving abroad, finding funding opportunities to viva preparation and finding your first academic job.
If you decide a PhD is for you or you just want to see what opportunities are out there, you can search for PhD studentships and professional doctorates on our dedicated PhD portal.
Last year we advertised over 5,300 PhD opportunities for universities and research institutions throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Plus our portal has lots of great (and totally FREE!) careers resources specifically for postgrads including a funding guide, PhD interview tips and a handy ebook about planning an academic career.
Explore your options now at:
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