Behavioural Scientists
Behavioural Scientists
£31,300 – £40,800 depending on skills and experience
Join our behavioural science team and you’ll enjoy the chance to apply your specialist skills and knowledge to help keep the country safe.

Your role
This role will stretch your existing skills and give you plenty of opportunities to develop new ones. You’ll make a critical contribution to ensuring that the work of MI5 is grounded in the best available scientific evidence. Depending on your skills and knowledge, your work could involve offering specialist advice and support to fast-moving operations, conducting in-house research on threats to national security, working with researchers outside the organisation and with our international partners to identify and translate high quality research, training intelligence officers or advising policy makers.

About us
MI5 is the UK’s national security agency, responsible for keeping the country safe from a variety of threats, including terrorism, espionage, cyber threats and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. It’s a mission that requires people with a diverse range of skills from many different backgrounds.

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