ShanghaiTech University

ShanghaiTech University

Founded in 2013, ShanghaiTech is a young, resource-rich university with a modern campus in the heart of Shanghai Pudong's Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. With the backing and support of Shanghai Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we are committed to tackling the challenges that China and the world are facing in the fields of energy, materials, environment, human health, biological medical engineering, data science, AI and electrical engineering.

Our Faculty and Research

ShanghaiTech's innovative university-wide tenure-track system attracts talented faculty members with a wealth of experience from around the world. 19% are foreign nationals and almost 80% of the faculty have overseas experience either working or studying.

ShanghaiTech has five schools and three research institutes:

  • School of Physical Science and Technology
  • School of Life Science and Technology
  • School of Information Science and Technology
  • School of Entrepreneurship and Management
  • School of Creativity and Art
  • Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies
  • iHuman Institute
  • Institute of Mathematical Sciences
  • Institute of Humanities

1655 papers by ShanghaiTech researchers have been published in Nature, CELL, Science and other academic journals. 840 papers list ShanghaiTech as first academic affiliation or corresponding academic affiliation.

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