ShanghaiTech University

Job Opportunities

Multiple Faculty Positions at ShanghaiTech University

We are looking for talented researchers to join our faculties in the following areas:

  • School of Physical Science and Technology: energy, system materials, photon and condensed state, material biology, environmental science and engineering
  • School of Life Science and Technology: molecular and cell biology, structural biology, neuroscience, immunology, stem cells and regenerative medicine, system biology and biological data, molecular imaging, biomedical engineering
  • School of Information Science and Technology: computer science, electrical engineering, information engineering, artificial intelligence, network and communication, virtual reality, statistics, big data and data mining
  • School of Entrepreneurship and Management: economics, finance, accounting, management, marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship
  • School of Creativity and Art: innovative design, filmmaking, game design, tech-driven art, big data visualisation, creativity, design thinking
  • Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies: antibody therapy, immunotherapy, cell therapy, regeneration medicine
  • iHuman Institute: bio-imaging, biology, chemistry, computational biology, AI/ML
  • Institute of Mathematical Sciences: pure mathematics, theory of computing, applied mathematics
  • Institute of Humanities: : philosophy, Chinese language and literature, foreign language and literature, history, art history, religious theory

Job Vacancies and Requirements

  • Tenure and Tenure-track positions: assistant professor, associate professor and full professor
    • Applicants should have a PhD degree and a good research record, and are expected to teach and provide research supervision to undergraduates and postgraduates. Candidates should also demonstrate the potential to be a leader in their research field internationally.
  • Research positions: post-doctoral research fellow, research assistant professor, research associate professor and research professor
    • Applicants should have a PhD degree, a good research record and great passion for research.
  • Assistant positions: teaching assistant, research assistant, and administrative officer
    • Applicants should have a Master's degree and relevant working experience.

What Our Team Says

Raymond Stevens
Raymond Stevens

Founding Director, iHuman Institute – Provost Professor, USC

I've been a professor for 30 years, but being here, just the energy of the students here, there is this attitude that if you can dream it, you can do it.

Yu Jingyi
Yu Jingyi

Executive Dean, School of Information Science and Technology

We give everyone freedom and resources so we can open our minds to any new ideas, to do anything. This is how innovation should work.