ShanghaiTech University

Our People and Culture

The mission of ShanghaiTech is to serve national strategic interests in science and technology, create a supportive ecosystem to develop next generation of scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs and nurture young faculty.

ShanghaiTech adopts a student-centred educational approach to nurture future leading scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs who possess in-depth professional knowledge and soft skills.

Faculty and Students



Master's and PhD Students

Faculty Members

Tenured/Tenure Track Professors

Nobel Laureates on Faculty

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Members

Chinese Academy of Engineering Members

National Academy of Sciences (USA) Members

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Members

Royal Society (UK) Fellows

Employee Benefits

ShanghaiTech University will offer competitive compensation packages. Please see more detailed information below.

Reasonable start-up funds, research associates and post-doctoral fellows, laboratory space that meets research needs for PI.

Highly competitive and sustainable package.

Tenured and Tenure-track: On-campus, 80/100/120m2 faculty apartments available at well below market rental price per month.

Postdoctoral: On-campus dormitories subsidised by ShanghaiTech University.
Off-campus apartments subsidised by Shanghai government.

Municipal apartments subsidised by Shanghai government.

Relocation reimbursement; application of Shanghai permanent resident permit; affiliated school priority to ShanghaiTech university.

Community Events

Community Events

With more than 70 clubs and societies, ShanghaiTech’s energetic student and faculty body is actively involved in shaping ShanghaiTech’s campus culture.

ShanghaiTech students and faculty from 21 countries play an important role in ShanghaiTech’s development as a vibrant academic community. There are rich and varied forms of activities, including lectures, concerts, Sports Meet, New Year's Eve party, competitions and exhibitions.