Suzhou Key Facts

Population: 12 million
Area: 8488 km2
Location: Jiangsu Province, Eastern China
Currency: Yuan (Renminbi)
GDP: 1 trillion RMB
Language: Mandarin, Suzhou Dialect
Time zone: GMT +8 hours
Temperature: Jan (1-3°C), Jul (28-35°C)

Living in Suzhou

Location and climate

XJTLU is located in the Higher Education Town of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), 80km from Shanghai and connected by high speed rail and road links. SIP is a major growth zone, including operations run by one-fifth of the Fortune 500 top global companies. It has experienced annual economic growth rates of over 30% for more than a decade. The broader Suzhou area encompasses the spirit of both old and new in China, with the historic old town a major World Heritage Site. Greater Suzhou is now the fourth largest concentration of economic activity in China in terms of GDP, and SIP offers a high quality of life including high environmental standards, and a lower cost of living compared to neighbouring Shanghai.

Suzhou is favoured by a subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The average temperature is 16°C with a high of 35°C and a low of -3°C. The average annual rainfall is 1080 millimetres.

Getting around

Suzhou is well connected to other parts of China and the rest of the world. Other cities can be reached via the high speed intercity railway network. International and national links are provided by Shanghai’s two major international airports. The high speed intercity railway connects Suzhou to China’s other major cities and means that Shanghai can be reached in just 23 minutes. Within Suzhou, there is an efficient bus system connecting all parts of the city, and a new metro system, which opened in 2012. Metered taxis are widely available.

Entertainment, recreation and culture

Some of Suzhou’s main entertainment hubs are located around the scenic Jinji Lake, near the university. There are many Chinese and international restaurants and bars at Li Gong Di and Moon Harbour, offering breathtaking views of the lake. The Science and Culture Centre houses a theatre and IMAX cinema, and the International Expo Centre hosts public events and international conferences. Suzhou also has many international hotels. Suzhou’s culture is famous across China, with Marco Polo once describing it as a ‘Paradise on Earth’. Suzhou’s UNESCO World Heritage gardens and old village canals draw in millions of domestic and overseas tourists each year. Pingjiang Road offers tourist shops, quirky coffee shops and art galleries. Other popular attractions include the Suzhou Museum designed by world famous architect I M Pei.


Suzhou has an extensive variety of places to shop. There are many international supermarket chains, as well as smaller international food stores, local markets and convenience stores. In addition to the shops and malls located in the old district, there are many shopping malls in SIP, selling Chinese and international brands, including Times Square and InCity mall.


International Schools located locally include Suzhou Singapore International School, Dulwich College Suzhou, Eton House International School, and QSI International School of Suzhou.

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