Economics Talents Recruitment Plan of Harbin Institute of Technology(Shenzhen)

Approved by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School (HITSGS) was co-founded by Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and Shenzhen Municipal Government in Feb. 2002. After more than 10 years development, there are about 2938 graduate students enrolled in 22 first class disciplines. On May 6th, 2014, signed by HIT and Shenzhen Municipal Government, HITSGS will officially become HITSZ which will aim to develop to a graduate education-based, as well as undergraduate education university.

With our mission to become an open and research-oriented university, HITSZ has committed itself to international collaboration and promoting regional economic development by providing technical and personnel support to industries in the area. HITSZ is always an integral part of the Greater HIT Strategy. We are devoted to promoting academic excellence.

1. Requirements
  1. Major and research area: innovation economics、Low-Carbon economics、health and life science economics. One or two positions are available in each area.
  2. Applicant should obtain PhD degree from elite overseas university or have three-year overseas working experience with outstanding academic achievements well recognized in the field internationally. The requirement of age may be relaxed to a certain extent if applicants have outstanding academic achievements.
  3. Applicants are supposed to be a person with moral quality, and a rigorous and matter-of-the-fact attitude in research work. A healthy, positive mentality and good team spirit are also highly appreciated. In addition, applicant should be capable to conduct the teaching in English.
  4. They are supposed to have a creative thinking style and wide and extensive academic relations in the academic circle from both home and abroad. Also they are supposed to be familiar with the latest developments of the academic fields.
2. Responsibilities
  1. Teaching: to give at least one course as the main lecturer to undergraduate or graduate students per year; to complete required teaching and research works; to actively participate in all kinds of academic activities.
  2. Scientific research and discipline construction: to carry out academic research with a stable research direction; to host at least one key project funded by the State, Provincial, Municipal governments or enterprises; to be actively involved in discipline construction; to publish at least three papers (including pedagogy reform papers) in top-level journals.
  3. To actively participate in international communication and cooperation; to host or take part in international projects and conferences of great influence to promote HITSZ internationally.
  4. To participate in community service actively, contributing to social and economic development in Shenzhen and China.
3. Terms of appointment and relative benefits
  1. Terms of appointment: First contract term is three years as an assistant professor. Assistant professor with excellent academic achievements can apply for the promotion to associate professor. Before expiry of the first contract, the decision on renewal of contract will be determined by your performance. After two contract terms, you are eligible to apply for the tenure. All these decisions are made by the academic committee of the university.
  2. Benefits: HITSZ offers competitive salary and start-up fund, fringe benefits including medical insurance, enterprise annuity, retirement and housing subsidy. Those who earn the title of “Experts of the Shenzhen Peacock Plan” will receive an extra allowance of 800,000RMB-1000, 000RMB.
4. Requested materials
  1. Application form and resume;
  2. Personal profile, future work plan and expected achievement in three to five years;
  3. Copy of Diploma and award certificates;
  4. Three major journal articles that may support your application;
  5. Three references (his/her name, title, contact address, telephone and email). One of them must be your PhD supervisor)

Applicants please send your resume to
Contact: Dana Wang
Address:Room 203C,Building B, Campus of Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen, Xili University Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518055