EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in
Innovative Metal Processing (IMPaCT)

Universities of Leicester, Birmingham and Nottingham

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Innovative Metal Processing is a centre for doctoral training that brings together the research of the University of Leicester, University of Birmingham and University of Nottingham along with industrial and international partners. The Centre has secured support from EPSRC, the universities and our industrial partners including Doncasters Group, GE, Rolls-Royce, STFC, Tata Steel, and TWI.

Core Research Topics:

  • Casting – Including single-crystal/investment casting of superalloys for aerospace and power generation applications
  • Welding – Including novel dissimilar welding & joining techniques for gas and oil transportation systems
  • Surface Engineering – Including advanced functional coating, surface modifications for turbine applications
  • Near Net-Shape Forming – Including laser assisted metal forming, novel hot isostatic pressing
  • Synthesis of Nanomaterials – Including synthesis of nanoparticles for advanced materials and coatings
  • Characterisation & Performance Evaluation – Including evaluation of power generation and aerospace materials and structures
  • Modelling of Metal Processing – Including multi-scale multi-physics modelling of 3D printing, casting, welding

IMPaCT is a 4 year integrated doctoral training programme. Within the 1st year there is a range of training including taught modules, technical and transferable skill training. In the following 3 years the student will undertake a research project within metal processing in line with one of the CDTs core themes. There also the opportunity to engage with our industrial partners and sponsors and students are encouraged to carry on their skills and career training throughout the 4 years.

University of Leicester

PhD Studentship: Novel powder materials for additive manufacturing (3D-Printing)

PhD Studentship: Virtual Additive Manufacturing

PhD Studentship: Multi-Scale Modelling of Deformation and Failure of Metallic Alloys

PhD Studentship: Characterisation of solid-solid and solid-liquid interfaces in metal processing by molecular dynamics simulations

PhD Studentship: Electrodeposited Metal Matrix Nano Composite (MMNC) Coatings for Tribological Applications

PhD Studentship: Electrodeposited Multilayer Metal Matrix Nano Composite (MMMNC) Coatings for Offshore Protection

PhD Studentship: Composite Anaphoretic Painted Cr6+ Free Aluminium parts

PhD Studentship: Modelling the microstructural mechanisms of change in engineering alloys at sub-zero temperatures

PhD Studentship: Investigating the effects of cryogenic processing on the properties and performance of engineering coatings

PhD Studentship: Fundamental Mechanisms and Models for Electrodeposited Metal Matrix Nano Composite (MMNC) Coatings

PhD Studentship: High-moment magnetic nanoparticles: the fundamental and applications

University of Birmingham

PhD Studentship: 4D Quantification of Fe-rich intermatellics in solidifying recycled Al alloys

University of Nottingham

PhD Studentship: Surface engineering of metallic surface for ice protection in aerospace

PhD Studentship: Analysis and Design of Short Track Speed Skating Components - A Collaboration with Team GB

PhD Studentship: Laser Cladding

PhD Studentship: In-process measurement and control for metal laser machining