Hello, and welcome to Sino-US College (SUC)!

This is an age of globalization. China is rapidly integrating into the world, and the world is embracing China with great enthusiasm. However, globalization means not only the worldwide opportunities, but also the competition from every corner of the world. How to cultivate talents with global competitiveness to meet the requirement from the future society is a question that all universities need to face and cope with.

SUC has given its own answer to the question mentioned above. Based on the successful educational models of many famous universities inthe United States, SUC combines liberal arts education with business education, western civilization with Chinese traditional cultures, and international study experience with academic study. SUC recruits outstanding academic faculty globally to cultivate students to become knowledgeable and all-round global citizens who serve China and the world. To help every individual student adapt quickly to the unique college life at SUC, the tutor and mentor system has been well in place to guide students in subject matters, learning skills, goal setting and other personal developmental issues.