Rosalind Franklin Institute

About the Institute

The Rosalind Franklin Institute has been created as an independent institute to develop and accelerate the application of disruptive technologies and next-generation physical science methods that will underpin future advances in the life sciences.

The Institute will operate on a ‘hub and spokes basis’: a purpose-built facility on the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, in Oxfordshire, close to the Diamond synchrotron and other national science infrastructure; and satellite activity (facilities access and research) at leading universities across the UK. It will act as a focal point for collaboration between academia and industry, and between different disciplines; and as a national centre of excellence for the development and integration of breakthrough technologies.

The Institute is designed to promote long-term value creation and societal benefit. Impacts will arise through both direct (technology) outputs from the RFI itself, and the third-party application of RFI outputs. The institute will focus on five initial overlapping technology focus areas which include new strategies and chemical tools for drug discovery, and a range of multi-modal imaging and analytical platforms.

Thematic areas:

  • Correlated Imaging
  • Biological Mass Spectrometry
  • Imaging with Sound and Light
  • Next Generation Chemistry for Medicine
  • Structural biology

The Institute is formed from a joint venture between ten leading UK universities and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), and is funded by a £100m government grant. The lead delivery partner for this investment is the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). To learn more about the institute, visit

Opportunities at the Rosalind Franklin Institute: