Strathclyde Global Talent Programme

Be bold. Be innovative. Be a 'Strathclyder'

We are the University of Strathclyde. Our vision is bold and ground breaking, placing us amongst the world’s leading international technological universities. We are vibrant, dynamic and passionate about solving the challenges facing society and industry through our cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary research, education and knowledge-exchange with global partners.

Through our Strathclyde Global Talent Programme we will recruit up to 75 outstanding academic colleagues – from Strathclyde Chancellor’s Fellows to Professors / Readers - in areas of strategic importance.

For further details and to apply to be a ‘Strathclyder’, impress us with your bold and innovative research plan by Sunday 4 November 2018, at:

Advanced Manufacturing & Materials

Professor / Reader in Advanced Manufacturing & Materials

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow in Advanced Materials & Manufacturing (Lecturer / Senior Lecturer)


Professor / Reader in Energy

Strathclyde Chancellor’s Fellow in Energy (Lecturer / Senior Lecturer)

Health & Wellbeing

Professor / Reader in Health & Wellbeing

Strathclyde Chancellor’s Fellow in Health & Wellbeing (Lecturer / Senior Lecturer)

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Professor / Reader in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Lecturer / Senior Lecturer)

Measurement Science & Enabling Technologies

Professor / Reader in Measurement Science & Enabling Technologies

Strathclyde Chancellor’s Fellow in Measurement Science & Enabling Technologies (Lecturer / Senior Lecturer)

Ocean, Air & Space

Professor / Reader in Ocean, Air & Space

Strathclyde Chancellor’s Fellow in Ocean, Air & Space (Lecturer / Senior Lecturer)

Society & Policy

Professor / Reader in Society & Policy

Strathclyde Chancellor’s Fellow in Society & Policy (Lecturer / Senior Lecturer)