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How do I search for a job?

Can I save jobs?

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My search results are irrelevant - how can I return the jobs I want?

Can I specify salary in my search?

How do I apply for a role when I’ve found one?

How do I search for a job?

By keyword

From our homepage - - there are several options for searching for roles. Searching by keyword will return any adverts containing that word in the text, but there is also the option to search ‘job title only’ to return more specific results.

Once a keyword search has returned results there is the option to filter further using the menu on the left-hand side of the page, including options to filter by salary range, academic discipline, sub discipline, job type, location and employer sector. These filters will only apply to the results that the initial keyword search returned.

Once you have a list of jobs that meet your criteria, you can use the menu bar at the top of the list to order your selection by salary, the date the advert was placed on our site or by the closing date so you don’t miss roles that may be closing soon.

Boolean search

It’s possible to use double-quotes around a series of keywords to perform a search for an exact phrase e.g. “Lecturer in Crime” will look for any jobs with that exact phrase included within the job details.

It’s possible to search on the site using Boolean operators - AND, “+”, OR, NOT and “-“(Note: Boolean operators must be capitalised).

As an example you could search for term - “UCL” AND “Urban Politics and Planning” to find all adverts on the site that include “UCL” and the phrase “Urban Politics and Planning”.

The search - “UCL” OR “Urban Politics and Planning” would return all those adverts that have either of the terms “UCL” or “Urban Politics and Planning”.

The "+" or required operator requires that the term after the "+" symbol exist somewhere in the advert e.g. to search for documents that must contain "UCL" and may contain "lecturer" use the search - +UCL lecturer.

The NOT operator excludes documents that contain the term after NOT e.g. to search for adverts that contain “Food” but not “Health” you could use the search - “Food” NOT “Health”

The "-" or prohibit operator excludes documents that contain the term after the "-" symbol. This works in the same way as the NOT operator e.g. to search for adverts that contain “Food” but not “Health” you could use the search - “Food” -“Health”

The search supports using parentheses to group clauses to form sub queries. This can be very useful if you want to control the boolean logic for a query e.g. if you want to find all adverts that include “food” or “health” but always include “safety” you could search for - (food OR health) AND safety.

By location

From our homepage, select one of the main options e.g. an academic discipline, a professional/ managerial / support area or studentship section.

There will be several further filter options available, one of which is location. From here you can select to return roles available in specific locations worldwide. For example, if you select ‘Agriculture, Food and Veterinary’ academic discipline, then filter by ‘Scotland’ the search results will contain all academic roles in Agriculture available in Scotland on our site. For more precise information about how divides the English counties into regions please see our map

By job type

All adverts on our site are categorised and indexed under a specific job type, either academic and research, professional or managerial, clerical, technical, or craft and manual.

Each category has further sub filters to enable you to conduct a specific search for roles available, using the ‘search jobs’ options box and then the ‘change search’ menu bar. For example, to search for a clerical role in a university in the Midlands with a salary of £15,000 per annum, you would need to select from the homepage:

1. ‘Search all’ in Professional / Managerial / Support Services

2. Select discipline(s) you are interested in

3. Type or role ‘Clerical’

4. Salary from ‘£14000’ to ‘£16,000’

5. Location ‘Midlands of England’

6. Employer type ‘UK and Irish HE institutions’

This will return all roles on our site that are currently listed under clerical, within your desired salary range and at universities located in the Midlands

By employer

If you have a specific employer in mind, you can either search for the employer from the homepage using the keyword search, or at the foot of the homepage, select ‘Site map’ then ‘Browse by Employer’.

This will return employers currently advertising roles on our site in alphabetical order.

By academic discipline

All of our adverts are checked and categorised by one of our highly trained staff before they are live on our site. Our site is designed to utilise the HESA subject codes that UK universities follow, and our inputters are trained to use these codes so that adverts under academic sub-disciplines are relevant to the main categories, and jobseekers searching for their research or academic specialism will always have relevant results returned.

Can I save jobs?

No, we currently don’t have an online save job facility, but you can email any advertised job to yourself from anywhere and pick it up later via your own email client without the need to log into our site, and of course you can send them to friends, family or colleagues that you think may be interested!

Do I have to search to see the latest jobs?

We recommend searching the site regularly for active jobseekers, but we also offer a free Jobs by Email service, which delivers the latest jobs posted in your chosen areas and disciplines directly to your inbox either daily or weekly, whichever your preference. Each job listed in the email links directly to the advert on our site.

My search results are irrelevant - how can I return the jobs I want?

By following the search pattern explained in the above sections, you should get the jobs listed that you want, however, if your search needs to be a little more precise, or needs tweaking, the best way to make sure that you are seeing all relevant posts is to conduct a keyword search until you find a job that meets your criteria, then scroll to the bottom of the advert. At the foot of each advert you will find the categories the advert has been indexed under, for example salary, location, type / role and subject area. Replicate the areas in your search and the results should reflect the roles you want.

Can I specify salary in my search?

Yes, each search you conduct will allow you to filter for salary. We also have a ‘Salary not specified’ option, as some of our adverts don’t specify salary when placing. You can opt to include these adverts with your search or exclude them depending on personal preference.

How do I apply for a role when I’ve found one?

Once you have found a job that you want to apply for, there will be an ‘Apply Now’ button at the foot of the advert. This should lead you to an application form on the employers own website, or sometimes it includes an email address, if the role states that you need to send your CV. Each advert has its own application criteria, and these need to be followed as per the instructions. advertise roles, but all applications and recruitment is done via the employer.

Please also see our FAQ page for help with other queries.

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