Future Leaders Fellowships

Medicines Discovery Catapult

Are you a Future Leader in Drug Discovery?

Do you want to apply your skills to bring academic insight with real world industrial impact? The Medicines Discovery Catapult can host Future Leaders Scheme applicants and is looking for you

MDC is the national centre for applied industrial R&D in drug discovery. We are a place that translates new scientific concepts into proven solutions that industry will use to deliver  better medicines, faster. We are based at the emerging biotech centre of Alderley Park, Cheshire, and staffed by scientists with backgrounds in pharma industry, academia and technology companies. Funded by UKRI we work with all members of the research community delivering new models, methods, technologies and ways of working. 

If your skills can make a difference and you want to apply them to industry without jumping into a company, the Catapult can help. You can now work here under the Future Leaders Scheme. This will enable you to work with a wide range of innovative companies, grow your network and, most importantly see your skills applied to help our industry help patients.

We seek applications now from Future Leaders in

  • Discovery Technologies
    • Complex Cell Modelling : Patient-derived organoids. Particularly in neuronal, inflammatory and fibrotic diseases
    • Preclinical Tissue Imaging : Application specialists in mass spectrometry imaging, PET, CT, NIR and other emerging methods
    • Biomarker discovery methods: Profiling biofluids and tissues through their chemistry using MS, Nanostring etc
    • Advanced Bioanalytical Technologies: Organ on chip, molecular and cell imaging, microfluidics systems and bioprinting
  • Informatics
    • AI, ML and Neural Networks applied to new drug targets, chemical and antibody optimisation
    • Combining health data with biomolecular data to profile new drug targets and help personalise the search for new medicines

MDC will be open to applications for the September 2018 call with expressions of interest by 4th October.

For further information please visit  https://www.ukri.org/funding/funding-opportunities/future-leaders-fellowships/

or contact the HR team on recruitment@md.catapult.org.uk so that we can put you in touch with our scientists in your area.