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Assistant / Associate / Full Professor in Civil Engineering

The College of Civil Engineering at Hunan University was founded in 1903, which has a history of over 100 years and is one of the most prestigious civil engineering programs in China. The college covers almost all the major disciplines in Civil and Environmental Engineering, including Structural Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Municipal Engineering (water and wastewater engineering), Building Environment and Equipment Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Building and Administration, Disaster Prevention & Safety, Roadway and Transportations, Engineering Mechanics, and Construction & Building Materials. The college has a world-class research team with a total of over 198 faculty members and supporting staff members, including six members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, nine national “1000 Talent Plan” professors, and a large number of distinguished professors. The college has state-of-the-art research laboratories and facilities, distributed in five central and provincial governments sponsored key laboratories. Currently, the total enrolment of the college is about 3200, including 2200 undergraduate students and 1000 graduate students (Ph.D. and Master Candidates). The goal of the college is to train future leaders, conduct world-class research, innovate to meet challenges, and serve the society.

Responsibilities and Requirements: 

  • Conduct full-time teaching and research in the disciplines of civil & environmental engineering. Those with multidisciplinary backgrounds are also welcomed.
  • Obtained a PhD degree from an internationally renowned university.
  • Fluent in English communication and scientific writing, non-Chinese applicant is encouraged to have basic Chinese communication skills.
  • Responsible for teaching at least one core course in the related major for undergraduate students and one basic course each year.

Compensation and Benefits:

1. Thousand Talents Plan-Youth Program Scholars

  1. Employed as full-time professor and PhD supervisor (the number of doctoral recruiting will be listed separately);
  2. Receive an annual salary of RMB 450,000+; Eligible to receive rewards for academic achievements in accordance to the relevant policies of the university;
  3. Receive settlement allowance of RMB 1,450,000 (after tax, including state aid and Changsha municipal subsidy); Have access to two years’ transitional apartment and rent allowance;
  4. Receive research funding of RMB 4,000,000 - 6,000,000 (including state aid); Provided with offices and laboratories; Those recruiting team members and postdoctoral candidates will be given priority (full-time post-doctoral candidates will receive financial support of RMB 120,000/person/year); For exceptionally outstanding talents, the support specifications can be negotiated;
  5. Receive research funding according to relevant talent recruitment policies of Hunan province;
  6. Spouse can be employed by the university if desired;
  7. Full university benefits and public insurance;
  8. Subsidiary nursery school, primary school and middle school, ranked top in the city;
  9. 3 months University semester vacation, summer vacation runs from July to August and winter vacation around Chinese New Year;

 2. Youth Talent

  1. Payment: annual salary of about RMB 200,000 - 450,000; Eligible to receive rewards for academic achievements in accordance to relevant policies of the university; Those with high academic achievements will be able to apply for positions listed in the university’s “Yuelu Scholar Plan”, and receive corresponding allowance of RMB 60,000 /120,000/year;
  2. Settlement allowance: professor RMB 300,000/person; associate professor RMB 200,000/person; assistant professor RMB 150,000/person; Talents who are selected into “Hundred Talent Plan” of Hunan province will receive one-off living allowance of RMB 500,000/person (tax free);
  3. Research startup funding: Science and Engineering: professor RMB 1,000,000/person; associate professor RMB 500,000/person; assistant professor RMB 250,000/person; University will provide financial support for those supervising full-time post-doctoral candidates with RMB 120,000/person/year;
  4. Talents who are qualified as “1000 Talents Plan” for Young Professionals(passed the peer review process)will be employed as full-time professors and PhD supervisors (the number of doctoral recruiting will be listed separately), and receive corresponding allowance (including salary, settlement allowance and research startup funding), which does not contain the funding from state, local government and alumni;
  5. Full university benefits and public insurance;
  6. Subsidiary nursery school, primary school and middle school, ranked top in the city;
  7. 3 months University semester vacation, summer vacation runs from July to August and winter vacation around Chinese New Year.

Application Deadline: Open until filled.
Position Start Date: Available immediately.

How to apply:

  • A detailed updated C.V in MS Word or PDF version, including educational, research and professional experiences.
  • Three reference letters if available.

Online Application or Email Ms. Zhou Tieying and Mr. Li Zheng at and CC

More information about the college is available at  As to some personnel information, please visit or contact Mrs. Xu Hui at

Contact Information:

Zhou, Tieying and Mr. Li Zheng, College of Civil Engineering, Hunan University, 410082
Tel: 86-731-88821491

Xu, Hui, Human Resources Department, Hunan University
Tel: 86-731-88822723

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