Vice-Dean of Research

  • Location: Shenzhen - China
  • Salary: Internationally competitive remuneration
  • Hours: Full Time
  • Contract Type: Permanent
  • Placed on: 16th February 2021
  • Expires: 2nd March 2021

The School of Medicine of the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is positioned as a Shenzhen-based internationalized high-level academic medical school with an outlook towards China and the wider world and with the integration of science, engineering, medicine and humanities. Its mission is to foster medical experts with international vision and proficiency. The planned enrolment is 2,000 students. Before the official completion and usage of the School’s Teaching and Research Building, the 5th floor of Building B and the nearby special site on campus was temporarily set up as the venue for teaching and research. The future School of Medicine Building will be located on the campus of the university. The proposed construction site is located on the east of the campus, in the valley north of the Dasha River. The proposed site has an area of 56,553 square meters. In accordance with the overall positioning and development goals of the School of Medicine, the construction will be in line with the needs of modern universities for teaching, research and social services, in order to facilitate the development of the discipline and enrolment. With the integrity and sustainability of campus functions, the school will fully reflect the integration of medicine, international vision and Chinese characteristics and will be forward-looking, international and digital.

In terms of professional foundation, the school now offers the undergraduate major in "biomedical science", in which admission and teaching is being conducted regularly. In March 2019, the major of clinical medicine was approved and the first admission has been conducted and students were enrolled in the autumn of 2019. Majors such as intelligent medicine are being submitted for approval. On June 10, 2019, SUSTech and King's College London signed a joint preparation agreement, by which a joint medical school will be established in the SUSTech and the two sides will carry out in-depth educational cooperation in a number of medical disciplines. Through recruitment of top talents and focus on the integration of disciplines and innovations, education, research and personnel are connected to train first-class medical professionals and vigorously promote the development of Shenzhen in education, health care and life science. With first-class research outcomes and medical services in the world, the school will contribute to the international competitiveness of the Guangdong-Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area.

In order to achieve these goals, the school, under the guidance of SUSTech and the leadership of its first dean, Xing Mingzhao, is actively forming a united, cooperative and vigorous team. Among the open administrative positions, the school intends to recruit a vice-dean in charge of research and graduate programs, a vice-dean in charge of undergraduate programs and clinical medicine teaching, and a vice-dean in charge of administrative management. Qualified candidates from home and abroad can apply for these three positions.

Vice-Dean in charge of Research and Postgraduate Programs

(I) Recruitment qualifications

  1. With enthusiasm for research management, higher education, medicine and health, good personal quality, lofty professional ethics and teamwork spirit, uprightness, professional seriousness, academic rigor, truth-seeking pragmatism, dedication, vigor and vitality, courage in work, strong organizational and management capability, innovative and strategic conception for research development and postgraduate training of the medical school;
  2. With education and training background in clinical medicine and basic medicine, doctoral degree in clinical medicine or basic related majors, academic excellence in the discipline, academic achievements universally recognized by both domestic and foreign counterparts, accurate understanding of the development trends in clinical and basic medical science and postgraduate training, forward-looking vision and excellent leadership to lead key medical disciplines into the forefront at home and abroad;
  3. Being familiar with the application for domestic and foreign research funds and postgraduate education management system; being able to actively carry out research and postgraduate education cooperation with top universities and research institutions at home and abroad, establish long-term and stable cooperative relations, and significantly enhance the academic level and influence of the school during the term of employment;
  4. Be able to work full-time. Candidates with previous experience in relevant research management at home or abroad are preferred.

(II) Job responsibilities (specifically subject to the signed agreement)

  1. Under the leadership of the dean the School of Medicine, the vice-dean shall be fully in charge of the research and postgraduate management of the school, formulating strategic plans for research development and postgraduate education of the school and implementing such plans;
  2. The vice-dean shall organize and apply for major domestic and foreign projects, actively apply for national/provincial/municipal research fund projects, key laboratories or platforms, strengthen the industry-university-research collaboration, promote cooperation with industries related to the discipline, so as to serve national and local medical development.
  3. The vice-dean shall build a high-level faculty, vigorously introduce and cultivate high-level talents, strengthen research and postgraduate education team building, build a high-level innovative academic team, so as to form a faculty with belief, moral, knowledge, and benevolence;
  4. The vice-dean shall actively carry out cooperation with top universities and research institutions at home and abroad, establish long-term and stable cooperative relations, and significantly enhance the academic level and influence of the school during the term of employment;
  5. The vice-dean shall speed up the establishment and promotion of multi-level research and postgraduate training cooperation between the school and hospitals under or affiliated to SUSTech and the cooperative hospitals.


The school will provide internationally competitive remunerations. The job responsibilities and specific remunerations of the recruited candidate shall be specified in contracts signed by the two sides.  

Application documents

  1. Resume; copies of the identification card or passport; copies of academic qualifications and diplomas;
  2. Recommendation letters by three peer experts and the contact details of the recommenders;
  3. List of research and teaching projects over the last five years, published papers, and award-winning outcomes; copies of research and teaching projects, as well as award-winning certificates;
  4. Proof of employment at important positions at home and abroad. 

The candidate shall send the application documents to the recruitment email of SUSTech School of Medicine: and the email shall be titled in the format of "Name + Post". We will strictly keep your documents confidential. For any questions, please contact us at tel:  +86-0755-88018031 Contact: Ms. Wang

Application Process

To apply to join our team, please click the apply link below and provide the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • PhD certificate
  • Five published articles (Within the last five years)
  • Executive summary of academic achievements & proposed research or work plan (1000 words)
  • Letter of recommendation and the names and email addresses of 3 referees (university professors)