Academic, Research & Teaching Talent Trends

With new universities being created all over the world, there is increasing global competition for top academic, research and teaching talent. To meet their ambitious visions for the future, many institutions have also put attracting the best people at the heart of their strategy. So, the world of higher education recruitment seems to be more competitive than ever.

Which is why at we’ve carried out an in-depth study to provide you with a greater insight into the latest talent trends.

Our extensive report covers a wide range of information across all kinds of academic, research and teaching roles to help higher education institutions, jobseekers and careers advisor alike. The information in this report will enable recruitment teams in particular to plan for the future. They can benchmark salaries. They can assess when it’s best to advertise and how long for. They can look at whether certain jobs are generally offered full time, part time, temporary or permanent. They can also see breakdowns of different opportunities advertised on by location and month.

Just some of the key findings:

  • 48% of opportunities advertised were for academics, researchers & teachers.
  • 76% of lecturer roles are offered on a permanent basis compared to the academic average of 40%.
  • Reader roles offer lots of stability with 96% offered on permanent contracts and 98% on a full-time basis.
  • 94% of chair opportunities advertised were permanent, the highest % for all academic, research and teaching roles.
  • The % of permanent roles for clinical professors was double the academic average for all academic roles.

You can find out more by downloading the full report using the link below.

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