Career Breaks. The perceptions, implications and experiences.

Academics take career breaks for many different reasons, and this break can impact your life, your family, your career, your research and where you work. This is something that may affect us all at some point in our working lives, yet there has been very little research on career breaks in academia.

So, and Research Media have partnered to better understand the thoughts and experiences of over 5,000 academics around the world.

Through our online survey, we have gained a unique insight into the views and experiences of the academic community and learnt what academics and researchers feel about career breaks. We have explored the motivations, challenges, opportunities and both the perceived and real implications of academic

Our goal was to provide academics and their employers with more information based on real-life experiences to help inform personal decisions and enable universities to better prepare for career breaks and provide the support their employees need to relaunch their career when they return.

These are just some of the questions to which we sought answers:

  • What are the main reasons for academics taking a career break?
  • What factors prevent academics from taking a career break?
  • What is the perceived impact of an academic career break on professional life?
  • How satisfied are academics with the level of support provided by their employers during and after their career break?
  • What career paths do academics take when they return from a career break?

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