Recruitment Trends Survey 2015

It’s been a turbulent few years for recruiters of academic, research and science staff with economic downturns, increased competition and a variety of new channels and technologies. But what’s it really like on the frontline? What are the big challenges? And what are the current trends/hot topics/burning issues?

To better understand the recruitment trends and challenges ahead, earlier this year carried out an online survey with a variety of professionals responsible for academic, research and science recruitment. 

163 recruitment professionals from organisations worldwide took part in the survey. Download a free report of the results now to access key benchmarking information that will help your organisation to make well-informed recruitment decisions. 

Top 5 key findings

  • A skills shortage of quality candidates is the biggest challenge for recruiters
  • The top priorities for 2015/16 are reducing time to hire, staff retention and employer branding.
  • 93% of respondents said employer branding was a key part of their recruitment strategy – but only half are investing in it.
  • 74% of respondents said it was important to recruit international research and academic staff – but half said that the global competition for talent is becoming increasingly intense.
  • Lecturers and Professors within Engineering and Technology are the most difficult to recruit roles.

Download the Recruitment Trends Survey 2015 now!

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