Top 10 Tips: Worst Things to do on your CV

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  1. Lie – the bigger the lies you put on your CV then the better the job you will get
  2. List all the one-day training courses you have ever been on
  3. Include a photo – the more attractive you make yourself look, the better your chances
  4. Use elaborate fonts and colours so your CV stands out
  5. Divulge sensitive information – make sure that you put your NI and passport number on the front page
  6. Change your CV for every position you are applying for
  7. The more gimmicky you make your CV using different shapes and pictures the more improved your chances will be
  8. Make sure that you list as many referees as possible, especially if you know the Prime Minister
  9. Always start each sentence in the first person, i.e. I, Me and My
  10. Try and use as many clichéd terms as possible, I am a highly motivated individual who works well on my own or in a team, with exceptional communication skills and the ability to work under pressure to produce results under tight deadlines.

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