Dear colleague, welcome to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS). We are a prestigious university based in Guangzhou, China that specialises in international studies and is recognized as one of the top three universities for Foreign Studies in China.

Over these last three years, we have developed a wonderful relationship with and successfully recruited many academics from across the globe who have been warmly welcomed by our students.

Our student population is also truly global and we carry out internationalisation via our study-abroad programs and, on campus, promoting Sino-foreign cooperative education programs and enhancing the overseas study training programs. These programs have broadened our students' horizons as well as training them in various fields of ideation and we have achieved significant advances in the Internationalization of Higher Educationa here at GDUFS.

In order to accelerate the establishment of our institution as a distinguished and world-class university, GDUFS is spearheading the “Yunshan Scholar” program, by actively participating in projects to promote talent and expertise both at provincial and national levels, focusing on guidance and training, and investing in the development of a harmonised and internationally-recognised faculty.

As of June 2014, our university faculty boasts:

1 member of the discipline appraisal group of the State Council’s Academic Degrees Committee, 12 members of the Ministry of Education’s Education Guidance Committee, 8 serving staff who have received a special allowance from the State Council, 3 faculty members who were selected as national candidates of the “New Century Hundreds, Thousands Of Talents Project”, 13 members who were selected for the “New Century Excellent Talents Support Project”, a national distinguished teacher, 6 provincially distinguished teachers, a distinguished professor of the “Pearl River Scholars” program, 2 chair professors, 39 members who were selected as provincial training participants for the “Hundreds, Thousands Of Talents Project” of Guangdong Province, and 32 members of the “Yunshan scholar” program.

We welcome you to join GDUFS and our growing international talent from more than 30 countries. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Cindy HU

Cindy Hu
International Office – International Teachers Recruitment