ShanghaiTech University

Officially approved to open on September 30th 2013 by China’s Ministry of Education, ShanghaiTech University is a small-scale research university of academic excellence jointly established by Shanghai Municipal Government and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

ShanghaiTech is committed to serving the national development strategy. ShanghaiTech seeks innovative solutions to address the challenges that China is facing in the field of energy, material, environment, human health, thus to improve productivity driven by innovation, and contribute to the restructuring and development of China.

Governance and Administration 
ShanghaiTech is jointly established by Shanghai Municipal Government and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Shanghai Municipal Government provides land and financial support, offers resources for faculty recruitment, teaching and research activities, and responsible for the operation of the university. Chinese Academy of Sciences provides part of faculty members and open access to its research facilities, library and information resources.

Conveniently located in Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Park of CAS in Zhangjiang InnoPark, ShanghaiTech is in the vicinity of several national research institutes and large scientific facilities, such as CAS Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, National Center for Protein Science Shanghai, New Drug Research Platform of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Shanghai Engineering Center for Microsatellites, Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, and close to industries and venture funds within the Zhangjiang InnoPark.

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Key facts

  • New eatablished in 2013
  • Small-scale´╝îhigh-level´╝îinternationalized
  • 3 Nobel laureates, 6 National Academy of Sciences (USA) members, 2 Royal Society (UK) fellow, 26 CAS members and three Chinese Academy of Engineering members.