Juliane Sophie Stein

Country of origin: Germany

“One of my major motivations for choosing CEU’s Department of Political Science was the attractive combination of excellence in teaching and research on the one hand, and the good range of scholarships on the other. The diversity in terms of both methods and topics investigated, which is reflected in both the wide-ranging curriculum and the diverse faculty, appealed to me. The personal contact with the faculty helps bring out the best in each of us; and my classmates, too, have been particularly helpful in forming my academic thesis. They never tire of raising critical questions and giving valuable advice.”

The Department of Political Science at Central European University focuses on several areas of political science, with a particular emphasis on comparative politics and political economy. Talented young people from all over the world have the opportunity to study in small classes in close collaboration with internationally renowned scholars, and receive top-notch training in research methods and data analysis techniques.

Programs offered

  • Master of Arts in Political Science / 1 year
  • Master of Arts in Political Science / 2 years

 Research areas

  • Democracy, democratization and autocratic regimes
  • Political institutions
  • Parties, elections and voting
  • Comparative political economy
  • Empirical research methodologies
  • Analytical and normative political theory
  • Constitutional theory
  • Media and political communication
  • Social movements
  • European politics
  • Divided societies

Why CEU?

  • Students and faculty from 116 countries
  • Alumni on 6 continents in top positions
  • Accredited in the U.S. and Hungary
  • 8:1 student/faculty ratio
  • Based in Budapest, the heart of Europe

Generous scholarships available
CEU is committed to attracting talented students from around the world and provide generous scholarships and research grants based on merit. In 2015-2016, 85% of CEU students received financial aid.

How to apply
Apply before February 1, 2017 to study our degree programs with a scholarship! Find out more about CEU’s programs, admission requirements and available funding options via the button below.