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To start: As soon as possible
Students: Three boys aged 17, 16 and 13


An able and experienced educator is required to join an existing two-tutor team teaching three boys a combination of subjects at GCSE, A level, American SATs and College applications.  This is a full-time role, and will involve extensive travel between the family homes in Portugal, Ireland and the USA.  The Tutor for this role (ORL 1016.1) must be qualified to teach Computer Science to A level standard and several other subjects to GCSE.


There are three young men of ages 17, 16, and 13.  All three are charming, intelligent and motivated students who will be a pleasure to work with.  They have been home schooled for the last four years, following a flexible pathway in terms of exams.  The two eldest boys have a selection of seven GCSEs each, and are currently studying for AS and A2 qualifications in their respective areas of interest.  The youngest has already started preparation for GCSE examinations in geography and biology, which he is currently scheduled to sit in June 2017.

The main focus of this role is the youngest. He is undoubtedly a bright boy, and is already very mature and engaging.  However, he has the capacity to sit multiple subjects concurrently, and is already excelling under the increased workload and the company of two very good Tutors working with his older brothers. However, the existing Tutors have uncovered gaps in his basic knowledge, and it will be the responsibility of the new Tutor to make sure that he is up to the ISEB 13+ standard in the subjects he intends to take to GCSE before he makes final preparations for any examinations.

The oldest boy’s academic pathway is clearly biased towards those subjects which are connected in some way to technology.  He excels in mathematics and physics, and has a keen interest in computing science, particularly the field of augmented reality.  When discussing topics along these lines, he is an animated and passionate conversationalist.  However, when conversation is not on these topics, he is patient, but can seem withdrawn. 

The middle boy has taken a very different route to his brother.  He is currently preparing for an AS examination in English Literature, and has embraced the syllabus with vim and vigour, although his written English is a little weak in certain areas.  He is an open, animated, interesting and interested individual whose dedication to his studies does him credit. With guidance and encouragement he will go far. He has a natural empathy with the people around him, and a global perspective which helps him appear mature for his age. 

The boys have the necessary intelligence to excel at Ivy League colleges, but their current academic record is too narrow, and they lack the breadth of subject knowledge to make competitive applications.  They have been following a purely British curriculum – to be accepted to and thrive in American colleges they will also need to sit the SAT exams and become familiar with the content and style of the American curriculum.  The boys are now following a curriculum which incorporates both systems and increases their subject range. All three will need to start preparing for the SAT.  They may be able to study some subjects together – for example GCSE Spanish - and should also engage in an extra curricula program to broaden their academic horizons. The parents do not wish to unnecessarily pressure the boys, and are comfortable with each of their children sitting the courses and exams when they are ready.  There is a balance to be found – the boys are more than capable of increasing their workloads and will need to be working at a certain pace to ensure they can keep up with their peers on entering college

Role of the Tutor

This role calls for a Tutor to work with the existing tutoring team in a coordinated and cooperative manner to ensure both breadth and depth in the boys’ education.  In particular, this Tutor will be able to deliver the computer science A level course, as well as working with the youngest boy to get him up to ISEB 13+ standard.  After this, he will work towards his geography and biology GCSEs and then move on to some more subjects.  The detail of this plan will evolve as his interests and talents become clearer.

This position requires a serious educator with a positive and enthusiastic disposition.  They should have demonstrable experience working with similarly aged students.  Together, the Tutors should have the expertise and knowledge to design a program that encompasses the local resources, taking advantages of the freedom and flexibility afforded by home-schooling, and ensuring that where possible, structured learning takes place outside the classroom environment.  The new Tutor must be organised, self-reliant, and independent.

The Tutors should be prepared for frequent travel – they should be flexible enough to adapt to last-minute changes to their timetables, and resourceful enough to cope with any changes to their lesson plans. The Tutors must maintain their professional integrity throughout the duration of the role, respecting the family’s time, space and private lives.  The parents want to raise three well-adjusted, happy boys who have had a good education and a range of extra curricula interests.  They want the boys to flourish, and are searching for Tutors who can get the best results from the boys without the pressure of school and constant assessments.

Hours, Holidays and Accommodation

The Tutor will typically work with the boys for about six hours a day for five days a week, with preparation in addition.  The timetable must be established with reference to the family’s travel plans, and should be flexible enough to accommodate unexpected changes. The Tutor is entitled to two consecutive days off per week, but should not always expect these to occur at weekends or to be regular in their timing.

The Tutors will each be provided with his or her own apartment.  Save for the Tutor’s personal telephone use, the Client will cover all bills on this apartment.  When travelling, the Tutor will have their own hotel room. The Tutors will have the use of a car for their local personal use.


The successful candidate will be able to offer more than the minimum requirements of this position.  She or he will be an excellent educator, and a good role model: educated and polished, with excellent manners and personal values. They must be fit and healthy, a non-smoker.

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