Postgraduate Business Programme Lead

London College of International Business Studies

This is an exciting opportunity for a highly experienced senior lecturer who wishes to be at the forefront of change within the college. Since November 2012 LCIBS has undergone significant re-structuring and development.  Having successfully completed its QAA HER in January 2016, the college is preparing to launch new validated programmes and is looking to engage appropriate staff to assist the college in continuing its transformation.

Key Responsibilities :

The main focus of the post is to:

  • Provide academic leadership to and maintain a team of full-time, fractional and associate teaching staff ensuring integration and co-ordination of academic practice across the programme.
  • Maintain academic oversight of the delivery, assessment and monitoring of subjects.
  • Contribute to the development of a supportive student-centred learning environment.
  • Produce annual programme reports as well as collating, staff and student feedback reports.
  • Oversee the production of module and programme handbooks, Moodle and other learning materials that support the delivery of the modules and the programme.
  • Contribute to module, pathway and programme design and development.
  • Attend and, where appropriate, lead academic-related committees.
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of the college’s strategic plan.
  • Contribute to the administrative duties of the college.
  • Undertake the role of academic advisor for a group of students for both academic and pastoral guidance.
  • Represent the college at events in the UK and possibly overseas.
  • Engage in QA activities and other reviews of teaching, learning and development.
  • set, mark and moderate assessments at the appropriate level and to participate in the internal and external verification processes.
  • Undertake appropriate research and scholarship activities within both subject discipline and pedagogy.
  • from time-to-time undertake other duties as may be necessary, commensurate with the grade and breadth of the role.

Essentials: These are the skills required to undertake the role. Applicants who do not clearly demonstrate the essential attributes will normally be rejected at the initial short-listing stage.

Desirables: These are the attributes that would be ideal for the candidate to possess. Where there is more than one appropriate candidate who possesses attributes that meet the required ‘essential’ attributes, the desirable attributes will be taken into consideration.

Applications to be sent to Jeff Schultz, President, email

No phone calls please

LCIBS is committed to equality and diversity.

If you are a foreign national you will be required to provide documentation that demonstrates your right to work in the UK prior to consideration of your application.

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