Faculty Position - Relationships Between China and its Neighbouring Countries

Shanghai Normal University – Research Institute of China’s Neighbouring Countries, Guangqi Centre for International Scholars

The Guangqi Centre for International Scholars is a research institute affiliated with Shanghai Normal University, focusing on the application of academic research on reality. It is built to facilitate communication between Western cultures and Eastern cultures and to attract talented scholars to exchange ideas freely. The central aim is to become a well-known research institute soon.

  1. The Guangqi Centre for International Scholars seeks a full-time scholar focused on relationships between China and its neighbouring countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Malaysia. This is a full-time academic position with a three-year renewable contract.
  2. This position is open to scholars of all thematic interests: history, politics, archaeology, linguistics, literature, religion, anthropology, art, international relations, and other related fields.
  3. The recruited scholars will be directly admitted by the school. They will also be able to undertake postdoctoral research on world history, Chinese history, Chinese language and literature, and more, per their interest.


  1. Candidates must hold a PhD degree.
  2. Language requirements are as follows: proficiency in language of studied country, fluent English, and a working-level knowledge of Chinese.
  3. Research scope must cover related research on one of China’s neighbouring countries; time span can be from ancient times to contemporary history or society.
  4. The candidates must have a high academic profile and a strong research capacity; their research results must be in the leading position around the world.


  1. Post-doctorate period, 100.000 RMB per year; associate professor, 120.000 RMB per year; professor, 150.000 to 500.000 RMB per year.
  2. The recruited scholars will receive 2000 RMB housing allowance each month during the contract period.
  3. An economy class roundtrip plane ticket will be provided once a year.
  4. Social insurance and paid vacation will be provided in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State and Shanghai municipality.


  1. The researcher recruited should publish at least two academic papers every year and affix Shanghai Normal University’s name as first author on core journals, such as SSCI, A&HCI, CSSCI or top journals with high impact factor.
  2. The researcher recruited must set a related course every semester (two hours per week) and give a conference once a year.
  3. The contract period lasts three years. Renewal of the contract will be decided by SHNU at the end of the three-year period, per the research results.
  4. If more than two papers are published in one year, SHNU will grant rewards for additional papers.


  1. Applicants can login to the website of the personnel department of SHNU to download and fill the Chinese application form titled 调入人员申报表(教学科研人员) under下载专区——人事下载 section, and send it by e-mail with the following documents to Pr. Ivan RUVIDITCH (ivanru@shnu.edu.cn) and personnel officer ZHOU Xinrong (zhouxr@shnu.edu.cn). “Research Institute of China’s Neighbouring Countries + Name (of the Candidate)” must appear in the title of the form.
  2. Required documents are as follows:
    1. English or Chinese CV
    2. Electronic edition of PhD thesis
    3. Two works that reflect the academic level of the applicant
    4. A scanned copy of PhD degree certificate
    5. Language level certificates
  3. A detailed personal academic research plan should be submitted (free format).

Personnel Department of SHNU
The Research Institute of China’s Neighbouring Countries
Shanghai Normal University
June 2017

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