Programme Manager

Global Banking School

Reporting To: Associate Director Student Services (ADSS)

Location: Currently based at Olympic Park campus staff, although staff may be asked to work in any location within the University.

Role Summary: You will take sole responsibility for a suite of programmes within the team’s group of programmes, acting as the key point of contact for those areas of responsibility and providing advice and guidance to academic staff and students in relation to these programmes. Servicing and supporting the work of Programme Committees, Learning & Teaching Committee (L&T) are key features of this post.

Key Responsibilities

1. Programme Delivery and Administration

1.1. To be responsible for the overall administrative integrity and reporting of a group of programmes.

1.2. Provide professional, timely and efficient administrative services to Programme Committees and L&T committee

1.3. To manage complex student records and assessment procedures.

1.4. To communicate information effectively both verbally and in writing.

1.5. To ensure, in consultation with the Programme Leaders and ADSS that the programme maintains the requirements of the academic calendar.

1.6. To provide accurate help and assistance to customers

1.7. To monitor programme delivery to ensure this takes place as specified.

1.8. To provide administrative support and data for assigned meetings of the Programme Team.

1.9. To implement the Participation Policy and monitor pro-actively student attendance and submission rates to identify areas for study support, re-engagement of learners and learner development opportunities

2. Programme Promotion

2.1. To support, in conjunction with the Marketing & Recruitment Teams open days and other events to promote the programmes.

2.2. To support programmes induction and ensure the timely provision of all relevant documentation (including Programme and Module handbooks) to students.

3. Quality Monitoring & Enhancement

3.1. To produce relevant documentation required by the annual institutional quality enhancement process.

3.2. To provide accurate performance data relating to the programmes (including employment statistics) returned annually to external bodies.

3.3. To review annually with the Programme Teams all performance indicators relating to the programmes and investigate appropriate actions to enhance programme quality.

3.4. To prepare annual monitoring reports and information to Programme Leaders and ADSS to allow effective evaluation and review of the programme

4. Operational Management

4.1. Liaise with administrative support staff to ensure administrative objectives are met, while ensuring an equitable distribution in the overall workloads of individual staff.

4.2. Identifying and advising the Programme Leaders and ADSS on future staffing needs.

4.3. An active role in the selection and recruitment of new administrative staff.

4.4. Operation of administrative staff appraisal and staff development schemes.


The appointee will be allocated other academic duties, commensurate with the grade, as deemed necessary by the ADSS.

The Post Holder will be expected to demonstrate their commitment:

  • To Global Banking School’s values and regulations, including equal opportunities policy;
  • The GBS’s Social, Economic and Environmental responsibilities and minimise environmental impact in the performance of the role and actively contribute to the delivery of GBS’s Environmental Policy;
  • To their Health and Safety responsibilities to ensure their contribution to a safe and secure working environment for staff, students and other visitors to the campus.

Apply: Please send your CV to