GridSample Specialist

Flowminder Foundation

Duration: Fixed term contract (17 months, full time)
Start date: 3 April 2018
Reporting to: GridSample Manager

Flowminder is a unique, startup-like non-profit that develops advanced technological solutions to address humanitarian problems. Our work is an exciting blend of software development, data analytics, academic research, and international development, that takes place in a dynamic and highly collaborative environment.

The Flowminder Foundation has an exciting opportunity for a survey practitioner to play a key role in a Gates Foundation-funded gridded population survey evaluation in Nigeria, and develop foundational training materials for the emerging field of gridded population sampling.

Gridded population survey sampling is an emerging method, used most often when census data is outdated or inaccurate. Survey teams also consider gridded population sampling to perform spatial population sampling and to select sampling areas that are smaller or larger than standard census sampling units. The GridSample R algorithm or web tool have been used in numerous surveys, including in DR Congo, Mozambique, Somalia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. (beta version) was launched by Flowminder/WorldPop in 2017 to select household survey sampling areas from gridded population data.This web tool allows for the selection of dozens of complex survey designs with a click-and-point interface and preloaded datasets. The website outputs boundaries of sampling areas, that can be easily mapped in ArcGIS or Google Maps, and the population values needed to calculate survey sampling weights.

New users are already survey practitioners who need training and technical assistance to learn about gridded population sampling methods and tools, and consider their pros and cons across diverse, complex settings.

The GridSample Specialist
The successful candidate, in their role as GridSample Specialist with Flowminder Foundation, has the opportunity to closely collaborate with the GridSample Creator and Manager, in the following areas:

Gridded Population Survey Technical Assistance

  • Work with the GridSample Manager to provide the GRID3-Nigeria survey implementation team with technical assistance as they operationalize a gridded population survey (focused on mapping, listing, GIS)
  • Engage with Gates Foundation, UN agencies, NGOs, governments, and other survey partners
  • Travel internationally
  • Respond to ad hoc requests via org for gridded population survey planning and implementation technical assistance

GridSample tool maintenance

  • Monitor the org email account, respond to user inquiries and/or forward emails to the appropriate personnel
  • Support website testing
  • Support website usability evaluation with survey practitioners

Gridded Population Survey Planning & Implementation Trainings

  • Work closely with the GridSample Manager to adapt training materials from the Surveys for Urban Equity project to the GRID3-Nigeria survey
  • Deliver trainings on gridded population surveys and use of the GridSample tool to survey designers and survey implementers, as needed
  • Interface with survey implementers to understand key challenges and best-practices for gridded population survey field work

We are looking for someone who has:

  • Experience designing and implementing large-scale household surveys in low- and middle-income countries
  • Demonstrated understanding of survey implementation challenges in low- and middle-income countries and how these challenges may affect survey estimates
  • Experience developing and delivering practice-based trainings to working professionals
  • Experience managing and analysing spatial datasets in a geographic information system (GIS)
  • Ability to work independently and manage projects on a daily basis, at times with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work effectively in cross-cultural and multi-lingual situations
  • MSc in social statistics, demography, geography, or related field
  • High level written and spoken English

It is desirable for potential candidates to have:

  • Experience using statistical analysis software such as Stata, SAS, or R
  • Understanding of server set-up and maintenance for electronic survey data
  • Knowledge of French, Arabic, Spanish, or other major international language
  • Knowledge of Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo or other major Nigerian language

Deadline for applications: until filled

Interviews are expected to take place in Southampton, UK.

To apply: Please submit a cover letter and CV as a single .pdf file, with the file name containing your last name. In your cover letter, please provide an explanation of how your previous experience relates to the responsibilities outlined in the job advert. Please also include your eligibility to work in the UK and your expected availability to start.

Please submit your single .pdf file via email to

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Please note that we will not be accepting applications from recruitment agencies.

The Flowminder Foundation
Flowminder’s mission is to improve public health and welfare in low- and middle-income countries in partnerships with governments, intergovernmental organizations and NGOs. Our analyses aim to map the distributions, movements and characteristics of vulnerable populations in low- and middle-income countries, and are used both in the humanitarian and development sectors. We help save lives and improve welfare by providing analyses and decision support to all relevant parties based on the latest academic advances. Our work includes both research and operational projects, always aimed at having a concrete impact on vulnerable populations. Our multidisciplinary team include demographers, medicals doctors, epidemiologists, geographers, mathematical modelers, sociologist, economists and computer scientists. Our funders include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, DFID, World Bank, World Food Programme, UNFPA, UN Foundation and others.

Our success in this area stems from the ability of our teams to:

  • design and utilise cutting-edge research and analysis methods
  • develop new software to facilitate these analyses
  • understand and apply these techniques to real-world problems
  • work with UN, NGO and government partners to translate our analyses into real-world impact

We are a rapidly growing organisation with a great team of highly skilled staff, who have a great time together and find meaning in what we do.

Our impact during the past years have led to ongoing expansion into new geographic regions. As we build our team we are looking for exceptional talent addressing the challenges these new regions bring.

Flowminder Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in Stockholm, Sweden with a large part of its staff in Southampton, UK and in Geneva, Switzerland. Flowminder works in close collaboration with the University of Southampton, UK.

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