Fully Funded Interdisciplinary PhD Projects in Sustainability

University of Sheffield – Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures

The Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures runs an innovative PhD programme to equip a new generation of sustainability researchers with the skills to become advocates. The Centre’s community of PhD students, the Grantham Scholars, work under the supervision of world experts in science, engineering, medicine, social sciences, arts and humanities at the University of Sheffield.

The Centre is currently advertising a diverse programme of fully funded interdisciplinary PhD projects. It is recruiting a new team of Grantham Scholars who combine outstanding intellect with a strong commitment to public engagement, leadership and action. If these principles match your ambitions, you are invited to apply for one of these PhD research projects, to help solve the challenges of sustainability.

Grantham Centre PhD opportunities: grantham.sheffield.ac.uk/training/opportunities

The Grantham Scholars’ training programme is unique. As well as being taught the latest tools and techniques in their individual disciplines, Grantham Scholars learn to connect their research to the wider world. They organise events, blog about their work, and learn how to work with politicians and the media. They are trained to inform evidence-based sustainability policies and communicate sustainability issues with a range of audiences.

Features of the Grantham Scholars training programme:

  • All projects are available fully funded for four years to UK, EU and international students
  • At least two supervisors from different academic disciplines for each PhD project, to support new interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability
  • Training sessions on verbal, written and digital communication, the policymaking process, and how researchers can influence it to make a difference
  • Opportunities to organise events and meet with influential figures in sustainability – current Grantham Scholars have had the chance to attend and present at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meetings in Paris and Marrakech, and to meet with international business leaders to discuss sustainability issues
  • A weekly Journal Club and fortnightly Seminar Series where Grantham Scholars discuss research from outside their own disciplines and consider alternative perspectives
  • A blog site where Grantham Scholars share updates on their research and comment on sustainability issues

More information on funding and how to apply can be found on each PhD project’s individual webpage at grantham.sheffield.ac.uk/training/opportunities.

To find out more about the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures, visit grantham.sheffield.ac.uk.