St. George's International School of Medicine – Department of Educational Services

Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Programme

The Department of Educational Services (DES) at St. George’s University is seeking a candidate for a faculty position at the level of Instructor connected to the DES Office at St George’s University Keith B. Taylor Global Scholar’s Program (KBT), located at the University of Northumbria. St. George’s University (SGU) is a US-curriculum-based institution. The KBT Program involves Year 1 of the SGU School of Medicine. Students then proceed on to Year 2 of the Medical School at the True Blue Campus in Grenada.

The Coordinator will be responsible for the DES Office at the KBT Program. The successful applicant will liaise with the Director of Student Support and Development at Grenada and also report to SGU’s Chair and Vice Provost of Educational Services. The successful candidate is expected to train for, and start, the position by the beginning of the August Term 2018.

Applicants should hold a UK visa enabling them to work in the UK (unless a UK or EU citizen).

The Coordinator’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Assist KBT students regarding the Individual Academic Program (IAP), a novel parallel curriculum that involves student support and small group course review.
  • Assist with KBT’s Academic Enhancement Program (AEP): A DES mentoring and advising program for students identified by the SGU’s Office for Enrolment planning.
  • Meet with IAP, AEP and non-AEP students in order to assist with learning strategy and academic mentoring needs.
  • Consult with students individually and in groups to assist them in identifying problems with their study approach and to help them develop more efficient and effective learning strategies.
  • Develop presentations, handouts and online resources designed to support student learning.
  • Develop innovative workshops for all SGU-KBT students related to learning strategies and academic success.
  • Assist faculty in enhancing student performance in courses.
  • Assist with the evaluation and documentation of DES’ AEP & IAP initiatives each semester.
  • Communicate and collaborate with instructional and administrative faculty at the KBT Program.
  • Develop and oversee electronic and print resources for the DES-KBT Program.
  • Assist with the Facilitator Observation program. Periodically help to conduct observations of SOM small groups.
  • Liaise and share resources with administrators from the AEP and facilitator training programs at the DES Program in True Blue, Grenada.
  • Work on special projects, workshops and tasks as requested by the Director of DES and/or by the Chair of DES.
  • Work evenings and weekends periodically.
  • Must be willing to travel periodically between Grenada and Newcastle, and be able to reside in Newcastle.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A relevant Master’s degree (ie. Higher Education, Psychology, Science) and 3 years of higher education experience.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with experience in graduate health sciences and/or medical education and small group learning.

Desirable Skills

  • Be informed of and skilled in research and techniques relating to improving time management; approaches to learning; memorizing; building long-term memory; integration of content; test preparation; multiple-choice test-taking for university and national standardized exams, such as the USMLE; learning styles assessments and applications.
  • Be able to proactively and responsively identify and develop resources and initiatives.
  • Be experienced with hosting workshops and faculty development seminars
  • Possess strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
  • Possess strong computer skills and able to quickly learn to use new technology
  • Be committed to ongoing personal professional development
  • Able to collaborate and to work independently
  • Be familiar with Supplemental Instruction (SI)

The position is a 10-month annually renewable appointment, paid over 12 months. The instructor becomes an integral member of the Department of Educational Services and is expected to contribute proactively to the departmental mission at SGU-KBT.

To submit an application, please email a cover letter and detailed academic CV by April 16 April 2018 to Dr. Sara Rabie, Director of Student Support and Development, Department of Educational Services (