PhD Studentship “Low-Power Integrated Circuits for Medical Implants”

University of Glasgow

Srinjoy Mitra

Project Description
Advances in nanotechnology have not only made ultra-small electronic sensors ubiquitous but also allow them to permeate the human body. Such implanted devices interfacing with the organs and nervous system are set to be a key part of future healthcare technologies. There are many challenges in designing such a device, from transducers to packaging. However, one of the most important components is the electronic integrated circuit (IC) located right at the signal source that determines the overall power consumption and size of such an implant.

The applications are many, starting from continues glucose monitoring to advanced prosthetics. However, in most cases the requirements for the front-end IC is similar. This project will be focussed on the development of an IC for smart coronary stent. Placement of stents in the coronary arteries to keep them open in the treatment of heart disease is a common medical procedure. However, these stents are passive metal tubes and does not provide any information about condition of the artery once they are implanted. We will develop an IC to be attached to a smart stent that would be able to monitor the local biological environment.

For minimal invasiveness and to reduce injury, the IC should be ultra-small and wireless powered. There are multiple challenges in recording reliable biological signal from such an implanted device, including the widely varying power supply depending on the exact position of the device. The core outcome of the PhD will be an ultra-low-power and ultra-small IC that will receive wireless power and record relevant signals from an implanted stent. The student will design the IC and test it in close collaboration with other researchers and our clinical collaborators.

The PhD candidate should have an interest in electronics and medical technology, but no prior knowledge in biology is necessary. Ideally, she/he should have taken courses in IC design and performed circuit simulations. This is an industry sponsored project partially funded by a global leader in low-power ICs for portable devices. The candidate will receive excellent industry relevant training from close collaboration with our partners.

This position is primarily funded for UK/EU students but international students with relevant background (or self-funding possibility) may also apply. 

The studentship is supported by the School via industrial sponsorship, and it will cover home tuition fees and provide a stipend of £14,296 per annum for 3.5 years. 

How to apply
Application for this scholarship is made by using the online system at the following link for admission as a postgraduate research student to the admission team in the Recruitment and International Office:

It should be noted that this application is to gain admission to our PGR programme, and an offer of admission may be sent out before a decision on this Scholarship is made. Candidates applying for this Scholarship will have their applications further vetted for this Scholarship and will most likely have an interview/discussion with the supervisor before any decision is made. 

For an informal discussion or for further information on this project, potential applicants are encouraged to contact: