Academic Case Studies

Dr Lorna Tinworth, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology at the University of Westminster, London

My lifelong career love affair has only ever been with bioscience but what a huge, fascinating, awesome world that is.

Interview with Dr Beston Nore (PhD, Professor of Food Chemistry)

I moved recently to work at UTB as a Professor of Food Chemistry in the School of Applied Sciences and Mathematics. I had been appointed earlier, but I had to join later due to prior work commitments for my previous roles in Sweden and...

Academic Case Study: John McBride, CEO

Professor John Mcbride is the CEO of the University of Southampton, Malaysia Campus and talks bringing his entrepreneurial spirit to this international secondment and adapting to the hot and humid climate of Malaysia.

Academic Case Study: Dr Daniela Ferreira, Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Infection and Vaccinology

It all began when Dolly the sheep was cloned and the human genome was sequenced. These remarkable events were all over the news in Brazil and triggered within me a deep fascination for Biology.

Interview with Professor Stijn van der Veen, Professor of Microbiology interviews Professor Stijn van der Veen, Professor of Microbiology about his career in China at Zhejiang University.

Academic Case Study: Ronald Voogdt, Dean of International Business School

Ronald Voogdt, Dean of the International Business School at Ryskulov New Economic University in Kazakhstan, talks to about his life and work in Kazakhstan.

Dr Nikolas Casewell, Senior Lecturer and Wellcome Trust & Royal Society Research Fellow

Dr Nikolas Casewell talks us through his academic career so far, from first discovering an interest in animals and biology to carving out a research career.

Dr Lisa Reimer, Lecturer in Vector Biology

"I used to get seriously excited about insects as a child, though at the time I wasn’t aware of the correlation between animal behaviour and human health. I have been on a science path for as long as I can remember. After completing my...

Professor Sally Theobald, Chair in Social Science and International Health

I spent my teenage years in Malawi and saw first-hand how poverty was experienced differently for women and men. I became aware of a marked difference in gendered attitudes at school, and started to feel passionate about contributing to...

Dr Rachel Tolhurst, Senior Lecturer in Social Science and International Health

Having grown up in Botswana and Malawi, I have had a lifelong interest in development. I studied English Literature and Chinese Language, and had the opportunity to live and learn Chinese in China before completing my degree.

Dr Britta Urban, Reader in Biomedical Science at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

I have always been drawn to the idea of carrying out research. I knew I would end up doing something relating to medicine and diseases, and my interest started to gravitate towards prevention rather than treatment.

Professional Lead and Principal Lecturer in Learning Disability Studies

My interest in learning disabilities was sparked during work at a summer camp in the US. The camp happened to be a special needs camp and, while I expected to work exclusively in the kitchen, I ended up assisting with educating and...

From Independent Midwife, To Senior Lecturer in Midwifery

Following 5 years of employment as a Registered General Nurse specialising in intensive care, I trained as a Registered Midwife and worked as an independent midwife.

Dean of School of Life and Medical Science

I have always loved Science and especially Chemistry. When at School, I was good at Maths and Science and had a supporting family who steered me towards studying Pharmacy, which I went on to do as my first undergraduate degree.

Director of the Centre for Research In Primary And Community Care (CRIPACC)

I have always been interested in food and, more specifically, why people eat what they eat. As a young girl, I was part of a family wholly immersed in the consumption of cake; Sunday tea with my grandparents was a weekly feature of...

Principal Lecturer in Engineering: from Industry to Academia

My aunt worked in Engineering: she used to make the original microchips for Motorola, something that I found fascinating when I was a young girl.

Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy Practice; School of Life and Medical Sciences

I attended a grammar School for girls and during my time there, I realised that Science was one of my strengths. I identified a degree that interested me, the MPharm, which also had good graduate prospects. This was important, as I...

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology. School of Life and Medical Sciences.

I started my Lectureship at the University of Hertfordshire in January 2012, which was initially a temporary post. My post became permanent in May 2014 and I progressed to Senior Lecturer in July 2014.

Senior Lecturer - School of Health and Social Work, University of Hertfordshire.

I came from Malaysia to do my Project 2000 Nursing at the University of Greenwich and completed my top-up nursing degree at the University of Hertfordshire. Whilst working as a nurse on a leukaemic ward, the consultant encouraged me to...

Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care (CRIPACC);  

I was good at Science at school and ended up completing a BSc in Geography in Nigeria. However, I graduated feeling very disillusioned. It was a long course, not aided by the constant striking at the time. By the time it had finished, I...

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