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About you

What is your background?

I started as a Primary School teacher. Then I became an Education Officer until I took up my post as a Lecturer.

What initially attracted you to your job?

Initially, it was because I loved to teach children, but I found wanted to educate older people too, so now I am a lecturer.

Define your job?

It involves Teacher Education, Curriculum Development and Research & Publication.

Can you walk me through your day to day activities?

My day is always varied, involving lecturing, tutoring, mentoring, moderating, paper-setting, editing, marking, and a host of other activities.

How has your job changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

Drastically. The nature of the learner has changed and so has that of teaching. I have to constantly adapt to the needs of the learner.

What are the key issues facing your sector?

Curriculum reforms, and the impending teaching, learning and assessment procedures.

How does government legislation affect your job?

The criterion for promotion, for instance, has a big effect. Also, the salary scale is defined by the government decides. We have to toe the line.

What impact has technology had on your job?

Now we use ICT in the teaching and learning process. We have to learn to use the internet.

What are the best things and worst things about your job?

Professional development is a very good thing.
It warrants constant updating and adjustment to new legislation and  reforms prescriptions.

Do you have any horror stories?


What attributes do you need/what are you looking for when hiring someone in your role?

Knowledge, attitude, and aptitude.
Performance output

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