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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Motivation seems to show up uninvited at times and proves unexplainably elusive at other times. If you have ever wished for more motivation and less procrastination, the following article offers you five inspiring insights.

Tips on how to ask for a pay rise

Asking for an increase in your salary might be one of the conversations that you most fear in the workplace but do it right and you might find not only that you are being rewarded financially, but that you are more respected for your...

How to Get Your Next Promotion

This article will help you to get not just any promotion but the right promotion. It will be particularly helpful for those working in non-academic higher education roles (e.g. marketing, HR, academic administration). I have...

The Importance of Maintaining Your Social Media Profile

Like it or not, social media is here to stay and there are many benefits when it comes to looking for a new role – some advertisements are promoted only through social media and, of course, networking and making your CV visible has never...

No Time to Think?

Time management is a fast growing trend. Most of us have been to time management courses before, read books, and listened to YouTube videos on the topic. However, we have not really cracked time management just yet.

Balance for a Better Life

Many of us crave a work- life balance. We are inundated by social media, tons of information to take on, staggeringly long to- do lists, and pangs of guilt as we fall hopelessly behind with our commitments. The better job we do in our...

Taking the next steps in your career

Many of us change career several times over the course of our working lives. Whether you are early on in your career or have years of experience the guidance below can be applied when considering your next steps.

The Power of Positivity

Do you want to learn a simple trick to help you guarantee career success? It’s called Positive Thinking and it can have a huge impact on your career potential.

Networking: How to maximize opportunities and boost your career connections

This article considers a few key points about different forms of networking, the challenges as well as the benefits.

Graduate Career Options: The Professions

This article focuses on the professions as a career choice for graduates highlighting key points about what is involved, including some basic ‘pros and cons.’

Considering Graduate Career Options

This article highlights some of the key points for those starting to consider the wide, and perhaps sometimes confusing, range of graduate career options on offer.

The positive side of rejection, and how it can help you achieve better things in your career

Getting a rejection letter, whether it is your first, or 100th, never gets any easier. There is a common human tendency to take it personally.

The essential guide to confidence in job interviews

The job market can be competitive. However, there are plenty of things you can do to express your confidence and showcase just how worthy you are of being the chosen candidate. Here are just a few tips to boost your confidence and give...

Being proactive in curriculum planning

Early career lecturers may find it difficult to take a proactive approach to the curriculum in their subject area, particularly if they have inherited modules, find themselves co-teaching on group modules, or have encountered opposition...

Piirus absorbed by

On October 31st 2017 Piirus was absorbed by the sector leading global, where we will continue to provide thought leading content, bringing you research and articles alongside our blogs and social media activity. This decision...

Monday motivation: determining your values

There are many reasons you might enjoy (or not enjoy) your current job, but if you are dragging yourself out of bed on a Monday morning it could be that you are not working in an environment that is in tune with your values. When you are...

What does success look like for you?

So, how are you currently defining success in your personal and professional life? Do you know what you want, and what you need to do to enable you to secure it?

Balancing a Professional Career and Academic Profile

Whether you hope to pursue an academic career in the future or simply wish to remain connected to your subject area, this article investigates the various possibilities available to academics working outside the ivory tower of academia.

Top Questions To Ask Your Mentor

Wherever you are on your career journey, from starting a PhD to your first permanent academic post or to taking those initial tentative steps as a manager, mentors have been there before and are often willing to share their valuable...

How To Beat ‘Imposter Syndrome’

How do you know that you have the imposter syndrome? Often we can feel that we have been mistakenly accepted on to the programme. Acknowledge that the feeling is just imposter syndrome and it becomes slightly easier. Here are 5 ways to...

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