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What to do if you've got a 2:2!

If you're reading this you're probably either worried about getting a dreaded Desmond or you've already got one. Either way I want to make this totally clear, if you have a 2:2, don't panic.

Everything You Need To Know About Working In Careers Advice

It might not be a job you’ve ever given any thought to. Your experience of careers advice may have been a short interview in a drab school office with the only choices on offer being administration or construction. But careers advice has...

The Skill of Selling Skills

We careers advisers tend to trade in skills. Being able to identify, articulate and sell your own skills is an essential, well, skill! Especially when it comes to moving beyond your own field of work, or area of expertise. This is never...

Once You've Graduated It's Already Too Late !

OK, I admit it, I wrote that title to get you to click but in reality the statement isn’t far from the truth. That’s why I was compelled to put this article together, to explore the concept of graduate employability. By the end of this...

Making The Most Of An Internship

Are you thinking of doing an internship, either during or after your degree? Or perhaps you already have one lined up? Here are some recommendations for making the most of your time as an intern.

How to Use LinkedIn to Full Advantage

LinkedIn is a social networking site like no other. Rather than 'tweet', 'poke' or simply upload ridiculous amounts of excessive photos, LinkedIn benefits the professional working individual in meaningful aspects; it could be the perfect...

Choosing Further Study and Professional Qualifications

Should you study for a further or professional qualification? And, if so, which one? This is a question that many of us face at some point during our career in education. Read on for more information on what to consider when making your...

Making The Decision To Go Freelance!

The last ten years have been a turbulent time for the labour market as a whole. As the boom years waned and the recession took hold, the one area that has continually bucked the trend is freelancing. The Professional Contractors Group...

Being SMART when Creating your Career Plan!

In careers guidance we often talk about goal setting and developing a plan to help you to reach your goal. Planning can be a great way to explore the different avenues for achieving your goal, choosing the best strategy, as well as...

Salary Negotiation

When it comes to money, it’s fair to say that many of us prefer not to talk about it. Whether it’s how much you’re being paid, or negotiating a better wage, it’s common to feel a little uncomfortable.

Blueprint For Careers: Career Learning in the 21st Century

The word “careers” is often misunderstood and laboured in a universe of constant change and considered something one “should have”, thrown in with a variety of unexpected “pit stop” life changes!

10 Point Careers MOT

Most of us spend more time maintaining our car than we do our career. Take our 10 Point Careers MOT to find out if your career is coasting along or motoring ahead.

Career Interests Quiz

Whether you are looking for a new job or want to reinvigorate your current role, reflecting on your skills and expertise will help you identify your own personal priorities at this stage of your career. Ask yourself these 11 questions...

Making Work and Life Balance

Everyone knows, in theory at least, about the importance of maintaining a balance between one’s working life and everything that happens beyond that. With increasingly advanced technologies, it is becoming easier than ever to take work...

Career Building Resolutions

As we recover from the excesses of the holiday season, or return to our desks refreshed and invigorated, the New Year period is the perfect time to make career plans and to think about changing our work life for the better.

No Job? Don’t despair. Careers Advice Is Here To Help!

Can’t find an academic job? Struggling to make ends meet in a recession? Then this article is for you.

Private Tutoring

As pressure increases on school children to achieve better exam results in order to get into the best universities, parents are turning to private tutors to enhance their children’s chances of success.

New Year: New Job or Different Mindset?

This ebook has been created to provide you with tips to help you set realistic goals for the New Year and also to offer advice on the best ways to search for your dream job!

Negotiation Skills - Part Time Hours

Working part time in a satisfying job can seem like the Holy Grail for many stressed Higher Education professionals. For many the dip in income is compensated for by a better work life balance; others combine several part time jobs or...

A Survivor’s Guide to Restructures and Downsizing at Work

Organisational restructures are a fact of life in many careers.Here’s our guide to how to stay sane and maintain momentum in your career.

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