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How to Get through Your Probationary Period

You are in an exciting position: you have been hired in a permanent position but your new employer says that you have to undergo a probationary period before your job is officially yours. What does this mean, and what is the best way to...

Top Tips for a Career Change: 10 questions before you quit

When stuck in a rut and dreading each day of work, a change of career seems to be the answer. The grass looks greener and the sky bluer. But is it? These ten crucial questions, answered honestly, will help you to think it through...

Returning to Education

There are many factors that may affect the decision to return to university after a long period away from study and there are particular some challenges in particular faced by those who do not choose the traditional role of going...

Planning a Career Change

Traditionally, spring is the time of hope, energy and new beginnings. Daffodils and crocuses are coming up despite gales, blizzards and the recent earthquake. Traditionally, too, it.s the time when New Year resolutions have all but faded.

How to Negotiate a Promotion or a Pay Rise

This article is designed to provide some guidance to those who want to develop the confidence and skills so they can negotiate with their boss to achieve a career progressing move.

5 Career Must-dos Before You Retire!

There have been lots of books and articles published recently about .things to do before you die., .places to see before you die. and so on. In a similar way, this article takes a light-hearted look at five career milestones to achieve...

7 Ways to Recharge Your Career

Got the New Year blues? Refresh yourself and revitalise your career by following these handy tips, by Gill Sharp.

Guide to Professional Qualifications

Article by Michelle Collett on how to attain a professional qualification.

Is It Time To Move On?

Written by Roger Jones. An article to guide you through the process of self-evaluating your career. Are you underappreciated at work? How can you determine whether it is time to move onto something bigger and better?

Negotiating a Salary

Andrew Gordon provides these extremely practical top ten tips for salary negotiations.

Career Crisis 4

This article provides a three-stage process for exploring options prior to coming to a decision and taking action: 1. Think it through. 2. Factor in feelings. 3. Reflect. Stage 1 is based on a simplified version of Tony Buzan.s...

Redundancy strikes - what can you do?

Article looking at the problems of redundancy, and how to overcome them and find a new job.

Going on secondment

Article by Catherine Armstrong, based on real life experiences covering:What is secondment?Why go on secondment?How to find about secondment schemes?Tips for a successfull secondment

Career Audit

Neil Harris's article delves into career development particularly for academics. Including the best way to conduct an audit on your own career and what you can do to improve it.

How your personality affects your work

Neil Harris's article considers what type of personality you have, and how this will affective the way you work. Including how creative or logical you are and how well you can work with others.

Age old dilemmas

Gill Sharp's article considers and offers advice on the fear for many candidates is that their age will count against them when looking to switch careers, job or promotion.

Entertaining a Career Change

Roger Jones article gives focused advice about completing changing your career. If you want to startle your friends and relations, announce you are contemplating a change of career. And if you really want to really blow their minds, tell...

Career Crisis (2)

The second in the career crisis series, based on Melanie Allens' experience as a career coach, the article is aimed at more mature people who have established a career but who are not happy and are looking for a change. It focuses on the...

How far would you go?

Gillian Sharp's article gives focused advice regarding location and work. Location is everything, or so we are told by estate agents and media pundits busy expounding the delights of property investment. But when it comes to academic...

Career Crises

The first in the career crisis series by Melanie Allen. The article is based on her experience as a career coach, the article is aimed at more mature people who may be heading for a crisis in an already established career. It focuses on...

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