Academic Cover Letter Template: Senior Lectureship Post

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                                                                               <Include your address here

                                                                                    and phone number

                                                                                    and email address>



   Application for the position of

Dear ,

<In the first paragraph introduce yourself generally and list the reasons why you should be considered for the job, e.g.:>

     I would like to be considered for the above position and hope to demonstrate how much I could bring to it. My research and teaching interests fit extremely well with the requirements of this post and with the existing members of staff. I have extensive teaching experience in the department of x at university y, most of it focused on <name a field relevant to this job>. My work provides a useful link between <name two related fields> in the department, encouraging research and teaching collaborations.

     I have published widely in the field of <name field>. My most recent work was <name article and/or monograph> which received the <name prize and give date> award. It was funded with money from the <name fund>

     <Discuss your research record in the third paragraph>

Currently I am developing my research in <name area>. This is being undertaken with funding from <name internal or external funding body, amount and length of award>. In it, I explore <give 150 words or so of explanation about your project. What do you look at, what is your methodology, what are your findings and what makes your project unique and original>. My publication plans for this work are as follows: <list any interest from publishers and/or a timetable for publication>

     <In the next paragraph discuss your future research plans>

<Now move on to teaching/managerial experience>

<List your employment history, but include only posts relevant to the current application>. I have x number of years' teaching experience on <list module names>. <List any teaching innovations that you have introduced in previous posts, especially to do with e-learning> As required, I would be happy to contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate modules of both a research-led and a methodological nature. <Suggest possible new modules that you could offer. Give titles and a one-sentence description of what they are about and at which level of student they are aimed >. <List your doctoral supervision experience and name one or two projects you have seen through to completion. Describe the areas you wish to supervise if you get this post>

My managerial expertise is as follows: <list posts held such as admissions tutor, programme leader, director of studies, director of postgraduate studies, etc. including dates and institutions>

<Provide a fully-detailed list of any other factors you believe will make you attractive and show you lead a full and active academic life, e.g. conference/seminar organisation, editing journals, membership of professional bodies, peer reviewing for journals/publishers, reading proposals for funding bodies etc.>

     To summarise, I fill the criteria of the person specification thus: <here is your chance to end on a snappy note, directly comparing yourself to the requirements listed in the job advertisement>

<One statement about qualifications and their relevance; your teaching experience; your research record and publications; your participation in academic culture on an international basis>

     <Finally, ask explicitly to be interviewed>

     I would be grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities further at interview. I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely,


<Your name>





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