Junior Researcher CV

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This is a CV template for junior researcher posts, either in an academic, public sector or commercial environment. It is designed as a model and a basis for your own CV. 

Start with a summary of your research experience/aims. This is the equivalent of a personal statement but is specifically designed to summarise your research methodology and plans. Keep this brief, usually only two or three sentences. And keep it simple; do not go into a lot of detail or use confusing jargon.

This CV will prioritise your research history and experience but you also need to mention your educational background and any teaching experience you have.

Do not forget to include the contact details for two referees at the end.


Personal Details:


(Date of birth)






Research Summary:

Write one or two sentences summarising your research experience to date and your suitability for the post you are applying for.

Research Experience

Give details of any projects that you have worked on, including postdoctoral work.  Include the Date, job title, name of lead academic, brief description of the research. List these with the most recent first. 


PhD:  title, date and place where received, supervisor’s name/examiners’ names
Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees:  details of where and what awarded and grade achieved. 
Any other relevant awards, eg teaching qualifications


List any teaching experience including workshops, seminars and lectures. Single lectures given are included, as well as longer term positions such as teaching assistantships.


List the names, postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of two referees who know your academic work well.

Download the Junior Researcher CV Template: Word version PDF version

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