Academic CV Example for a Senior Post

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An example of a completed Academic CV for a Senior post. Please see our Academic CV guidelines for more information, and download the Academic CV template here.


14 Kitts Way, Little Heath, Birmingham B55 7QZ

Tel: 01217 430987 Email:



Objective: Senior Lecturer in Victorian History, School of Humanities, Blackwell University




Committed to ongoing research of 19th century women social issues

Qualified teacher and leader of research activity within Faculty

Continuing interest in the pedagogy of History education

Innovative and effective administrator




2006 – 2009                West Birmingham University, School of Humanities

                                    PhD in History (Funded by AHRC)

                                    Thesis Title: Marriage Breakdown in the late 19th Century and its                      

                                    Affect on Women                             

                                    Supervisor: Professor J M Smithson


Brief Synopsis:          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                   

(A detailed synopsis, together with other related information is in the attached appendix)


2005 – 2006                Somerset College, Cambridge

                                    MPhil in Victorian Social History (Funded by AHRC)

Dissertation Title: Middle Class Marriage in the Late Victorian Period

                                    First Class (Distinction) 75%

2003 – 2006                Blackwell University

                                    BA History & English - First Class Honours



2011 – present            West Birmingham University, School of Humanities


  • Responsible for 1st year course, module leadership and teaching programme at U/G and P/G level
  • Worked on collaborative research projects with Cambridge University
  • Engaged with the European community to develop research into Women studies, particularly France and Germany


Jane Durden

2009 – 2011                Blackwell University

Post-doctoral Researcher (Partly funded by small research grant from the British Academy)

Project: Marriage in Victorian England 

  • Informal supervision of other researchers also working on the project
  • Assisted with teaching first year students and marking papers 
  • Managed large and varied work load 
  • Demonstrated innovative research methodologies with the use of  differential knowledge modes



  • Course responsibilities for 1st year 19th and 20th century European history
  • Seminar leader for 1st year students and some 2nd year students
  • Mentored post-graduate students
  • 3rd year dissertation supervision
  • Developed and implemented new methods of teaching to reflect changes in research; 


  • Experienced user of SQL
  • Skilled database writer and user
  • Confident user of Microsoft packages
  • Frequent use of operating systems Unix and Windows 

Project and Time Management 

  • Strong time management skills developed through juggling teaching, research and administration duties
  • Management of assessment and continuing quality management processes
  • Development of pastoral advice programme for History students
  • Organisation of extra-curricular activities   


  • Managed and supervised research staff
  • Undergraduate programme administrator
  • Supervised student theses and set and marked examinations
  • Supervised marking of undergraduate dissertations
  • Responsibility for organisation and planning of major conference for university: “Expectations of Women in Marriage in the 19th century”
  • Wrote course evaluation surveys and computed results for submission 


  • Confident in addressing different audiences
  • Work closely with colleagues, research students and senior management
  • Several books and articles published (See Appendix)
  • Report and survey writing
  • Experienced in working with a diverse range of students
  • Skilled Interviewer and advisor at School Open Days




APPENDIX                                           Jane Durden     (this appendix may well take up two pages)


PhD Synopsis

You can write of your PhD in more detail here, particularly if it relates to the post you are applying for and will enhance your future research proposals and the specialisms of the department you are applying to.

Current and Future Research Interests

My future research plans are to develop the research I have undertaken so far but to add a European dimension, particularly looking at comparing women in marriage in England in the late 19th century with their counterparts in Germany and France

Research Methodology and Techniques

It may well be that you have been innovative in your research methodology and you can write about that here.  You could also note your research methods


List the publications you have either been responsible for or have been involved with.  If you are one of several contributing authors, still list the publication, but highlight you name so that it stands out.


List conferences you have attended, and particularly those where you have presented as well as the title of those papers. You may have organised a conference for your institution and those can be included.

Awards and Funding 

Give details of all funding you have managed to achieve for your research and also note if you have any funds which are available for future research.

Professional Memberships

Fellow of the HEA

Fellow, Royal Historical Society


You need to provide two referees.  See guidelines for more information.

Career Development Toolkit for Higher Education Professionals

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