Managerial, Admin and Professional Case Studies

Assistant Manager - Marketing & Recruitment

Case study for Assistant Manager - Marketing & Recruitment at the Warwick Business School

Welfare and Erasmus Assistant

Case study about a Welfare and Erasmus Assistant at a University

Research and Information Officer

Andy Roadnight is Research and Information Officer at the University of Warwick

Telephone Campaign Manager

Faye Jennings is a Telephone Campaign Manager in the Development & Alumni Relations Office (DARO) at University of Warwick

Department Administrator

Manish Maisuria is a Department Administrator at the University of Warwick

Director of Marketing and Recruitment

Joanna Oman is Director of Marketing & Recruitment at a Business School.

Library Systems Trainer

Nicola Carter is a Library Systems Trainer based at Osney Mead in Oxford.

Service Relationship Manager

Adele Fryer is the Service Relationship Manager with Eduserv Internet based in Bath.

Director of Evidence and Evaluation

Vanessa Pittard is Director of Evidence and Evaluation for the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta).

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