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Why You Should Study at Postgraduate Level

Postgraduate studies may not be for everyone. However, you should seriously consider postgraduate study and its benefits. And that.s what here to do so that you don.t have to.

Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Postgraduate Course

Every year people decide to embark on a course of postgraduate study. In a recession, when jobs are difficult to acquire, more students tend to stay in university to complete postgraduate studies. There are thousands of courses to choose...

Postgraduate Opportunities and the Credit Crunch

This week an unexpectedly positive outcome of the current financial crisis was announced. Durham University are offering a number of taught masters scholarships in order to help its undergraduates who are finding the job market tough at...

I have got my PhD, where do I go from here?

This article focuses on a difficult time in every academic's career: what to do immediately after getting a PhD.

Undertaking Postgraduate Research

This article is designed to offer advice to anyone applying to do a postgraduate research degree or looking for employment as a researcher in the university sector in the UK.

Ten Tips for getting through your PhD Viva

These tips are designed primarily for those taking their PhD exam in the UK covering: Submit a thesis you are proud ofChoose the right examiners (and know their work)Put down your thesis for as long as possible!Know your argumentRealise...

Top Ten Tips for doing your PhD

Covering:1. Talk to your supervisor2. Stay focussed3. Start with a plan4. Be flexible5. Stay sane while researching6. Set yourself achievable deadlines7. Stick to your achievable deadlines!8. Know when to stop9. Choose tough but friendly

How to Gain Teaching Experience While Doing a Postgraduate Degree

Catherine Armstrong's article considers how important it is to gain teaching experience while studing for a PhD and the methods available to gain these experiences.

PhD in Chemistry

Oksana Leszczyszyn - PhD in Chemistry at the University of Warwick.

PhD in Fluid Mechanics

Patrick Williams completed a PhD in Fluid Mechanics at Warwick University.

How to Find a Postgraduate Course in the UK

This article explains how to find a postgraduate course in the UK.It will cover: - I want to do a postgrad degree, what are my options? - Can I get funding? - where to find details of courses - how to app

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