Head of College Vacancies at BCU

Birmingham City University is growing. A period of increased demand from students has led to significant increases in our student numbers – around 8,000 more than just six years ago.

In order to best serve our students, we have undergone a period of internal change to better align our academic structures with the needs of our students. Chief among these changes has been a two-phase process to transform leadership across our four faculties. This began with the introduction of Deputy Deans in 2022.

To ensure we are fully aligning our faculty structures with our vision to transform the lives of our students and deliver high quality learning, teaching, research and enterprise, we are now introducing a College-based structure to replace the previous Schools, Institutes and Departments.

This change has also seen the introduction of two new roles in each College – a Head of College who will report directly to the Deputy Dean and a Deputy Head of College reporting to the Head of College. In addition, the new structure will introduce a consistent set of academic responsibilities to support the delivery of the strategic plans of each faculty and the wider University.

The new structure is aimed at providing a consistent and simpler academic model, moving away from multiple layers and reducing duplication.

This new structure aims to deliver a number of significant benefits to the University, creating a more strategically robust and efficient, effective and streamlined system that will empower decision-making through enhanced leadership roles. It is a number of these leadership roles which we are now aiming to fill through this recruitment process.

It will ensure our future success, by bringing our executive leadership closer to academic staff, and will create opportunity by providing a clear career academic leadership framework, while enhancing our focus on delivering teaching excellence to our student community.

As we look to developing our institutional-wide academic strategy beyond 2025, taking account of the challenges and the opportunities we will face, this is an exciting step in our work to build a stronger organisation delivering the best quality research, enterprise, teaching, and learning opportunities for our students.

Thank you for your interest in both Birmingham City University and these roles.

Professor Peter Francis

Professor Peter Francis

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Birmingham City University