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In recent years, UBD has seen a research boom through its initiatives to increase its research and collaborations. UBD has developed a large number of graduate scholarships to build itself into a research-intensive university, and also to expand and enhance the quality of graduate programmes and graduates. The university provides exciting opportunities for graduate scholarships to aspiring academicians from Brunei and the world to undertake graduate studies and research in UBD. In addition, UBD also creates opportunities for fruitful collaborations between UBD and its international partners for academic and student mobility through exchange programmes and fellowship programmes. The research funding and research facilities at UBD have developed tremendously consequently, leading to a significant increase in graduate students and collaborators coming to UBD to undertake research.

With the massive academic mobility and a number of internationalisation strategies including increased joint academic programmes, research collaborations and networks such as iCUBE and Borneo Studies Network (BSN), UBD’s active partnerships with institutions worldwide have brought increased international students and staff coming to UBD and thus, contributed to the tremendous improvement in campus life, teaching and research output at the university. Meanwhile, the Kuala Belalong Field Study Centre (KBFSC) remains UBD’s signature research facility for biodiversity and environmental research, with the research centre located in Temburong district.

In the last three years, UBD has filed over 40 patents through its Innovation and Enterprise Office, eight of which have been granted both in Brunei and internationally. UBD aims to leverage on its comparative niche advantages and major research projects in biodiversity, herbal medicine, halal products, Islamic governance and energy are ongoing, all of which are of particular interest nationally and are expected to have global impact.

UBD research thrusts

  • Biodiversity Research
  • Energy Research
  • Asian Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Data Analytics
  • Sensor Technology Research
  • Catalysis Research
  • Herbal Research

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